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Know how to identify if it is the right time to pay capital to your loan

Certain types of loans, such as mortgages, have the option of contributing an extra amount of money per month in installments, so that you can pay capital to your loan. This action is very convenient, because it gives a series of advantages that you will end up thanking later ... Read more »

6 questions to ask yourself before applying for a loan

The decision to apply for a loan can be generated after a deep analysis of possibilities on how to face an expense or investment whose capital is not possessed, other times, on the contrary, this decision is the product of an idea whose results have not been foreseen. For that reason, there are… Read more »

Reasons why requesting a loan is not exclusive of having savings

An issue that generates many dualities in personal finances is whether to apply for a loan when you have savings. This situation is the product of the confrontation of two ideas: first, the idea of ​​acquiring a debt when it is not completely necessary; and secondly, the fact that… Read more »