What is better for your finances: new or used car?

Buying a car is not always easy for everyone, depending on your job, goals, expenses and economic opportunities you can choose to buy a used one, the problem arises when you pay attention to details and you do not know what is better for your finances if you buy a car new or used .

The first thing you should take into account is the initial expenses for each car, what you should invest in it and what it would be like to insure it and then make a comparison between them.

Buying a new car

Acquiring a completely new car has its advantages, beyond the mileage that it marks at 0 and the fact of seeing it completely shiny, direct from the factory, so what is the drawback? Well, the main obstacle that people have to acquire it is its high cost, especially if the models they consider are the most recent.

You could see other models not so recently released, many times its predecessor offers you similar characteristics without the cost being so excessive, because if buying the value of a used car it will seem at first glance that the second is better for your finances , which is It could be but it isn't always.

The option to buy a used car

Second-hand cars are often the option when you do not have a high budget, we want to avoid asking for large loans from the bank or you do not have an adequate form of financing. In this case, you can proceed, however it is worth being careful of the car you will acquire, because one with a new one before any failure you will surely have a guarantee, services and others, with a used one you may no longer have the same coverage.

The best thing you can do is ask to know in depth the reasons for the sale of the car, there are people who simply sell their car because they have a lot of liquidity and now they have in mind to buy a new car or they already did, they do not like the model or some feature of the car. If that's the case, then this option may be better for your finances .

Another scenario that arises is that the person is selling the car due to having some flaws or disadvantages, of which you should find out in advance, so that you can make an estimate of how much you would have to invest in optimizing the car once acquired. Lack of sincerity is a problem that you cannot identify in advance, so you can propose a purchase-sale contract where cases are foreseen in which the car presents a defect that is prior to acquiring it.

Buying a new or used car?

The decision must be made after having two budgets, one of the new car that best adapted in characteristics-value of what you were looking for and the used car whose value-status and terms established with its current owner are favorable for you, the ideal is that you can cover any unforeseen with a used car and it does not end up being more expensive than a new one.

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