Learn how to save money by applying for a loan

The issue of saving money by requesting a loan is something that requires explanation, it is a true option and I am not trying to talk to you or do any kind of advertising but to show that a timely and adequate credit can avoid more expenses.

First of all, it is good to clarify that this option does not indicate you will earn money for requesting a loan, it is about saving on expenses that came in the future, and thanks to the request for a loan to obtain a good that reduces said expense, you are saving.

Installments with interests Vs. Benefits of the acquired asset

It is not always possible to save via credit , it is something that must be calculated, put on a balance everything that credit implies and how it is supposed to save thanks to it.

Implicitly and as it is traditionally known, that when a loan is requested, when returning the money to the lender, it is paid more than what it initially gave, and that is the essence of why many entities and individuals are dedicated to lend money, some interest must generate them. But in the same way, it must be evaluated that, except for extraordinary situations, people would not commit to a loan but would bring advantages with them, and the reality is that every day, many people fill out forms and collect funds for a loan.

With a loan you seek to promote a better situation than the one you currently have, saving money by asking for a loan is a clear example of a necessary and well-used operation.

You save in an aspect that improves credit

The easiest way to understand why you can save by contracting this type of debt in the future is by using examples and specific cases.

For example, every day you spend a lot of money and even time on transportation, you must leave your children to school, go to work, return, pick them up and even your work involves constant transfers, within the same city or to the surroundings. When you take into account the money invested in tickets and the delays caused by not having your own means of transportation, you come to the conclusion that it was less expensive to have your own car. Obviously when using the calculator, the monthly fees will be higher than those for transport, but you already have your own means of transport insured and when you finish paying for them, you will end up having a car and zero expenses on tickets.

The most classic way of seeing a loan as a driver of savings is by investing it directly in a business, when it generates more profits than interest rates, the accounts will favor the decision of having asked for the money. Just think, if it were not like that, how many people would ask for a loan being aware that it will only generate losses and not opportunities for economic growth?

A third situation that allows you to save is that when you buy something in cash, they offer you the possibility of doing it on credit without interest, in that case it is better to reserve the money you have at the time to save it and accept the financed form. The savings will generate interest and the financed is not creating interest payments.

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