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Characteristics of a person who manages his credits well

The profile of someone successful with their credits can be recognized, aren't you curious to know the characteristics of a person who manages their credits well? If you know what principles and actions guide these people, you can begin to follow their example and you too become someone capable of… Read more »

Compare different credits before deciding on just one

When applying for a loan, a search for options is usually done, the most important task that will define whether the experience will be bearable and pleasant, since you have to compare credits to choose the best option. Not infrequently, people who aspire to a loan are lost among… Read more »

Reasons why requesting a loan is not exclusive of having savings

An issue that generates many dualities in personal finances is whether to apply for a loan when you have savings. This situation is the product of the confrontation of two ideas: first, the idea of ​​acquiring a debt when it is not completely necessary; and secondly, the fact that… Read more »