Reasons why requesting a loan is not exclusive of having savings

An issue that generates many dualities in personal finances is whether to apply for a loan when you have savings. This situation is the product of the confrontation of two ideas: first, the idea of ​​acquiring a debt when it is not completely necessary; and secondly, the fact that… Read more »

Flawless Credit History: The Path to Approved Credit

Do you know what banks evaluate when you apply for a loan? Among other things your credit history, yes! Although it is not the only factor that will give you the "Approved" if it greatly influences the decision. Surely you already know that it is important to keep up to date with the payment of all your debts and… Read more »

In the event of unforeseen events, quick solutions: Microcredits without paperwork

Unfortunately we do not always have money to deal with all the eventualities that may arise, fortunately, if there are ways to get out of trouble and get it quickly. Nor will you have to waste time looking for the place where you can be financed in this way, all thanks to the… Read more »