How do you know which bank card is right for you?

The plastic instrument with which you normally buy can be of two types, and although many people use both, you should consider what type of bank card suits you , what you need, and / or expect to receive.

You can have two profiles as a buyer, one of the one who only spends what he has and opts for his debit cards, or the one who buys with money that he will later cancel, making use of the benefits of a credit card.

Bank card in two modalities

There are people who can easily have credit and debit cards in their wallets without having a problem using them or knowing when to do so. But others, on the other hand, seem to be easy to use one over the other.

On the one hand, we have those who do not like to create debt and prefer to spend the money they have at the moment instead of doing it with one that they will have to pay later with interest to the bank. If this is your case, you worry about how you will pay, but you are not interested in reducing your current liquid capital, the bank card that is right for you is the debit card.

Those who do not feel mortification but pleasure when making use of money that they do not currently have and accept with confidence must return it to the banking institution, they adapt well to credit cards. An essential feature for financial security is that these people have a sense of responsibility and do not go overboard in expenses that they cannot cover later.

The benefits behind a bank card

While the source of money and payment method is what distinguishes existing bank cards . Do not leave aside, that due to the benefits that one can offer attract customers to it, so you may not mind requesting and making use of one that allows you, among other things:

  • Earning points or prizes: almost always, it is credit cards that offer the possibility of obtaining points, miles, cash; for the regular and continuous use of them, either because they accumulate or you earn them in one of the many operations you carry out.
  • Benefits or preferential prices: bank cards can be classified by levels, some will be more expensive than others or they will ask you to have a certain type of superior mobility, in any case, to be attractive and that you are not the only one who gives more in That relationship, they give you special prices, such as the possibility of buying in airlines at a lower cost for certain classes, access to private sites or flashy packages.

Taking into account these two types of card and the extra opportunities that they can offer you, you must make your decision on which to use, sometimes the option of many is not to leave any aside but to use one to cover a series of expenses and another for the rest, in the end, not everything has to come from a single source. This way you create a multi-product loyalty, which is valued by banks for other types of actions or requests.

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