What are the credit cards for students

We understand that if the student is a minor child, they will have in their possession an extension of the credit card of their parents. Now, if they are a college boy and of legal age, the bank has special cards for them. To know what are the credit cards for students, do not stop reading this important post. Well, these cards are adapted to them in order to provide them with some resources for student development.

In most cases, banks provide credit cards to students in order for them to adapt to this means of payment, and in turn to attract them as fixed customers of the institution once they have completed their university studies thus demonstrating loyalty to the bank.

The credit card for students

Today with the credit card for students they avoid having to carry a lot of cash to the university faculty. In addition, it also serves to pay expenses within the university in didactic materials for their learning, which when canceled with the credit card are made effective in an efficient way.

Young people with their student credit card have the great opportunity to relax on a bowling court, to share a meal with friends or to cancel it among several of them, also to attend the cinema in groups and enjoy a good movie; all this and much more can be canceled with your student credit card .

Building a good credit record

Students with the use of the credit card have the great opportunity to consume any food. Besides, they can also cover articles of personal hygiene and everything that has to do with the expenses of a student in the university.

Now, the students already made the respective expenses, some directly and personally and the other collaborating in the payment together to enjoy something planned. But, all that goes very well as long as they cancel the obligations every month according to the credit plan that the card has, acting in a manner consistent with the bank.

Other advantages that students would have with the use of their credit card.

Students have always been characterized by their rebellious attitude towards life and for them there are youth clothing stores in accordance with the latest fashion trends for young people as they like them, where they very often make offers with great discounts and other promotions that students take advantage of the opportunity to acquire them by paying with their credit card with the possibility of paying up to 36 months.

Santander bank assumes that challenge

Santander bank issues a very sui generis credit card because it is smart and designed and aimed at university-level students, and Santander bank assumes this challenge in collaboration with a large number of universities around the world where this bank has a presence. This smart university card (TUI) can also be used as a debit card at the request of the account holder; so this card is multifaceted and multifunctional.

Bankia Youth Card

In other banking institutions, young university students are also given the possibility of having credit cards, such as the Bankia Youth Card, which can also be used as a credit and debit card, enjoying the discounts and promotions that during the year affiliated merchants offer for the benefit of young people. This Bankia youth card is also multifunctional and does not charge any type of commissions for its use.

BBVA Blue Cards

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria was not going to stay behind the rest without attending to that fascinating group of potential clients that are university students, and that is why they offer them the alternatives of having BBVA student credit cards with all the prerogatives that they may have. a common card from this prestigious financial institution.

For that and in order to help them, they designed the Blue BBVA cards, which are made up of a set of four cards, namely, a card that is prepaid and they call it “before blue”, a debit card that they call “now blue” and two of credit to what they call "after and at your blue pace" within the so-called blue catalog of BBVA, all of this thought in order to help and help university students under 30 years of age.

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