How You Could Make Money Using Your Credit Cards

This is the best we can tell you and it is about nothing more and nothing less than teaching you how you could earn money using your credit cards . This, you can achieve if you take advantage of the time periods between the cut-off date and the payment date to earn that differential of approximately 40 days without paying interest , which means a significant saving of money for you.

You should also use all the resources available on the credit card to buy the largest number of offers that appear in mini markets, supermarkets, service stations, department stores and, finally, anywhere they have bargains and offers.

Take advantage of those good favorable circumstances and pay with your credit card, in order to have those days differentiated between the cut-off date and the payment date without being charged interest.

What happens if you pay between the cut-off dates and the payment dates of your credit cards ?

The best way to earn money with your credit cards, of course, is avoiding paying interest for the use of this wonderful payment instrument. But you will only achieve this if you pay between the cut-off dates and the payment dates of the cards , so you have to keep a strict control on these two important dates that require you to keep a lot of order with the accounts.

Take advantage of real great deals

In many department stores , gas stations , still lifes , mini markets and hypermarkets very often, they offer the public large discounts on the products they sell. Either because of a change in the season or because they need to empty their deposits to replenish new merchandise, launching offers with more than 50% discount on the established prices, for that reason, take advantage of the best real offers and pay with a credit card .

Use the bonus programs

Many financial institutions offer their clients many benefits, which at the slightest carelessness one does not use due to not being aware, but uses the bonus programs offered by credit cards .

Thus, you can increase your income a little, if you take into account the discounts that supplies make when you pay with a credit card, which can be 2% or more, likewise in the service stations of this brand they also make promotions of more than 2% for being supplied with fuels and oils for the motor.

If you know how to use your credit card well, you could earn an interesting sum of money

Indeed we are in a world full of opportunities and only if you know how to use your credit card well could you earn an interesting sum of money , because you will not miss the opportunities offered by restaurants, still lifes and related stores to customers who pay with a credit card. credit will be recognized a very attractive discount.

In online stores they also offer excellent discounts

When you enter the different web pages, you get ads where online stores also offer excellent discounts , sometimes even more attractive than those offered in different stores. Such as: pharmacies, department stores, groceries and supermarkets, car washes and service stations; where the great beneficiary will be you when you cancel with the credit card via the internet.

Talk to your bank to get refinancing

The credit institutes are there to listen to customers and serve them as they deserve, to help them improve their life or economic activity. So talk to your bank to get refinancing .

And in this way to balance the balance of payments since the interest on credit cards at the moment remains constant and it is a good time to get into debt, since then you will have up to 36 months to honor the debt.

Learn how to use your credit card wisely

We recommend the best and learn to use your credit card wisely , for which what you have to do, first of all, is to always remember two very important dates to take into account when you are a cardholder , which are: the cut-off date and the date of payment .

By keeping control over these important dates, you will have achieved your main task. In addition, you will be able to fully enjoy the use of your credit card for personal benefit and that of your family. He is, he will be grateful for the due use that you are giving to such a necessary and important payment instrument; taking advantage of great deals to save money.

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