Advantages of paying your card before the cut-off date

When commercial relations with the bank begin, the advantages of paying your credit card before the cut-off date should be discussed at all times since they must be cordial and in harmony because it is always good and interesting that when the time comes we can request a Larger loan and they, knowing your credit history, will not hesitate to give the go-ahead for approval.

The banking business is very complex and a good strategy is required for the bank-client symbiosis to work properly and one of the objectives of the former is to earn as much money as possible at the expense of the interest generated by the loans they have granted to various individuals or groups in society; and secondly, we will place the client who is the main actor and represents the essence and existence of the banking business per se.

Why is it good to pay ahead of time ?

Among the best links and relationships that exist today are those that we maintain with the financial sector, so why is it good to pay ahead of time , since in this way you keep the doors of the banks open to any eventuality that may arise and In addition, that helps in a very effective way to greatly improve your credit record with the credit card.

Being constant in the payments of the monthly and consecutive installments derived from the use of the credit card, the steps of a solid record in terms of finances are climbing, and that also has a strong impact on the group because some information is always leaked regarding that don so-and-so and don zutano are considered good clients of the bank and hold meetings with senior management to discuss matters of general interest.

A good bank reference

Nowadays it is almost impossible to access to apply for a job or to be granted a contract to acquire a vehicle where they do not require a good bank reference and that is because that has become your exclusive and personal letter of introduction with which you can access achieve greater benefits for those around you, so it is very important to maintain that status that means greater commitment to the community.

It is a priority and very important to maintain that level of trust between the bank and you because that allows you to raise your voice to request some perks such as extensions of the credit card or increase in the credit limit of the same as well as negotiate a loan personal to donate it as a charity and help in this way with that philanthropic thought that " causes more pleasure in giving than in receiving ."

I can request a loan to buy a flat

One of the greatest anxieties and concerns has been the fact of not having my own home and that is why I want to know if I can apply for a loan to buy a flat has become a priority for us, who with joint effort have achieved many things and have brick by brick, the foundations have been laid for the long-awaited moment of buying a property.

The cards are drawn

I have maintained banking relationships for many years and I consider that I have maintained an acceptable line of healthy behavior from what we understand as a good bilateral bank-client relationship, so we believe that the letters are drawn to request that loan so necessary to be able to buy the house, I just hope that the fact of maintaining a solid record by paying my credit card on time I think they give me a certain priority.

It is fair to expect from the financial institution with which I have maintained good commercial relations a treatment in accordance with what is being requested and that in any case it will have the support of an insurance policy where the beneficiary is in any case the bank because Those are the conditions and that of course I accept with great pleasure because the links must pass several generations if they know how to take care of this legacy.

Important savings in the payment of fees

When you put into practice paying the cards before the cut-off date, you have the great opportunity to achieve significant savings in the payment of installments because you avoid being charged interest and also keep the credit limit at acceptable levels of operation, which it will produce you in the short term to achieve a better financial status.

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