Recommendations for the proper use of a credit card

In the vast experience that we believe we have, we draw on our knowledge and experiences to give some recommendations for the proper use of a credit card and that is why we dare to suggest a few lines that if followed to the letter we are more than sure of the enjoyment they will obtain by continuing the path of recommendations for the proper use of a credit card.

Not in vain have thousands of recommendations been made in various forums where we have been invited as speakers on such a controversial topic, educational and informative campaigns have also been carried out that are easy to understand for the general public, newspapers and the media have been used in all the areas in order to meet the recommendations we give for the proper use of plastic as it is popularly known.

The best specific recommendations for the proper use of credit cards

We are going to be as precise as we can about these particulars so as not to bore them with so much reading, so we are going to list the points of specific recommendations for the proper use of credit cards .

Paying before the deadline , this produces great benefits over time and serves as a guarantee for your credit record that will be rewarded with increases in the credit limit.

Do not pay minimum payments , always pay much more 25% as a minimum, the practice of canceling the minimum payment is harmful to the financial health of your record, pay at least 25% of the fee.

Do not go overboard , in your purchases and consumptions , be aware, the excitement of having what you have never had brings catastrophic consequences when you see that you cannot meet the payments

Do not withdraw cash from the ATM , this increases the cost of money exponentially and puts your ability to pay at risk.

Don't go over your credit limit ; you spend what the card allows in its limit; if you go overboard; we believe it is the bank's responsibility.

Do not defer payments will be very expensive , this is another very harmful and dangerous practice.

Play with these two dates , cutoff date and deadline.

Calculate your spending budget , prepare a budget for the inflows and outflows of circulating money to know with which accounts at the end of the month

If you find yourself in trouble, seek refinancing , talk to the bank executives and raise your problem, they can help you solve it

For nothing in the world let two overdue installments accumulate , this is mortal, do not allow more than two months of debt to accumulate because this destroys your good intentions.

What should I do to better enjoy my credit cards ?

First of all, I must decide what I want to do, since I have a brand new credit card and now that I have in mind what I am going to do, it is my responsibility to also think about what I should do to better enjoy my credit cards, so I have made the resolution to find several friends and make a Valencian paella with all the irons and good sherry and to liven up the atmosphere, the whole family should come to enjoy some flamenco tablao dances in the city club.

Let's enjoy how beautiful this is not seen every day, the happy diners eating paella and drinking some sherry; People are excited but the owner of the revelry is beginning to notice a worried face because the pachanga got out of hand and people do not heed the recommendations on how to control it.

The moment of truth came when they saw the account statement

Indeed, people do not learn except by blows because everyone had been explained that when using credit cards they should act with caution in expenses to avoid future surprises, but no one was aware of what was said in those opportunities and occasions but how everything, the moment of truth has come when they saw the account statement

Nobody wants to remember what they enjoyed anymore, there are even family discussions among those who attended the sarao, they blame each other but the most worried is the credit card holder who sees with horror and concern how she is going to face Such a responsibility to pay for those relatively lavish expenses that significantly alter the payment of other more important things such as buying food and other details that are part of the family's daily intake.


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