Why do I forget to pay my credit card

In the way the matter is posed it truly seems that we are at the gates of a psychiatric hospital. Why do I forget to pay my credit card is precisely what I am trying to explain to you, a crazy thing because nothing similar can happen to anyone in their right mind.

It is very likely that you have exceeded your expenses and now you cannot find how to deal with the problem, it may also happen that you have recently been fired from work for some lack of responsibility in the fulfillment of your tasks, or said crudely you do not want to pay or it is impossible for you pay .

There are situations that are very difficult to control when debts haunt you and chase you, the mind becomes dull and there are no easy ways out, especially when the debts come from a delay with the credit card that the situation becomes untenable and as you think that the The matter is going to be resolved, other inconveniences arise that further complicate the problem.

I have to be honest with the bank

The days go by and I think that this got out of hand, so I must be honest with the bank and explain in a serious way the difficulties I am going through but that my intention has always been to pay and I am the first interested in wishing it that way to recover my image as an executive and business man and not to be regarded as an outcast. Financial institutions sometimes have or must put themselves in the shoes of the customer to effectively weigh the magnitude of the problems facing customers.

Sometimes we think and not without reason that banking is inaccessible because at one point it did not help us to solve a serious financial problem and left us in the lurch with no apparent solution, more on other occasions if it has provided us with financial support and we have worked to the thousand wonders; at this time we will have to sit down to talk to find a satisfactory solution for all.

For everything there are solutions

Definitely that the financial world lives on its own with a life of its own, and that it needs customers who are its main food and source of income, who, by the way, on many occasions have complicated roles and begin to fail the bank, looking bad In many cases, and sometimes the outlook looks murky, however, when the bank carefully analyzes this or that case, it realizes that by refinancing the debt, they find an arrangement because there are solutions to everything .

What happens if I overdraw my credit card ?

If nothing happens, nothing happens except that here there are two contenders, to put it figuratively, one is the bank and the other is you; The overdraft is presented and of the two contenders, one cries that it is you and the other laughs that it is the bank, do we understand or not? Therefore, the fact of overdrawing on credit cards does have its consequences, so you know what happens if I overdraft on my credit cards?

Why does it seem like credit cards never pay off ?

This has happened to all of us who have credit cards, and have gone through difficult payment circumstances , it is not surprising, why does it seem that credit cards never finish paying ? Due in part because once we are immersed in this great wheel of money it is the never ending story and we want you to explain to us why this happens.

And what happens very often and leads people to think that this does not want to end; That charge every month is due to the fact that in order to cut the problem at the root, you must first request an account cutoff on the date you want to settle operations with the credit card.

Once with the account statement in hand, cancel everything indicated after reviewing it on your part, and then wait 30 to 60 days to see if another payment arrives; It is understood that you did not use the card in that period of time. If you receive another collection notice, immediately go to the bank to proceed with the respective claim on your part and duly accompanied by a lawyer or legal representative.

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