Senior relocation professionalsSenior moving can be a challenge sometimes. Relocating elders is not jut about selling a home and doing the packing. Taking care of the relocation of seniors might seem like a great difficulty but with the right preparation and information at hand you could do it alright. A great useful service that professional senior relocation companies also offer is getting ready the new home of the senior for living – that is putting the beds together, hanging the pictures on the walls, etc. If you are a senior or you will be moving a senior, and you think it will be uncomfortable for you to do those things, finding the best senior relocation company is your answer. Whether you are moving at your friend’s or relatives’ place, a nursing home or a new home, the moving company plays a major role. What can you do to find the best?

Finding the best senior moving companies

Here are a few criteria which will help you distinguish the top senior moving companies.

  • Look for a mover at least several weeks in advance. Every relocation could be a stress and once you have a move of an elder person, it becomes even a more delicate matter. That is why it is crucial to be sure you are relying on senior moving professionals.
  • Are the senior relocation companies members of The National Association of Senior Move Managers(NASMM)? This is the leading organization of senior move managers. It offers innovative programs and expertise related to senior relocation, helping not only the seniors, but also their families. That is why it will only be an advantage for you if the senior moving companies are NASMM members as well.

    Senior relocation company

    If you will need a reliable senior mover, check what services the moving company offers before hiring it.

  • Reputation is top. Check a few websites online for reviews and ratings of senior movers like Reviews and ratings can give a very realistic idea as to what to expect from a senior moving company.
  • Reserve the right services that you will need. Do you want packing from the senior moving company? Will you use storage? Is a parking permit needed to be able to park the truck/ van for unloading? Discuss the details of the move depending on your preferences with the senior relocation company.
  • If you have items you wish to dispose of but don’t know how, ask the senior moving company if they provide such a service as well.
  • Idea: you can also ask for assistance with the change of address at the post office and other institutions. A professional senior moving company can also help with preparing the property for sale, organizing the sale as well, doing the cleaning, etc. Just decide between the services you will need.
  • If you have items for moving that are fragile and/ or expensive, delicate items like electronics, inform the senior moving professionals so that they can foresee the right packing materials and moving options for them.
  • Organize the details of the move with a representative of the senior mover and plan the moving dates together. Have in mind that you will be able to influence the senior movers cost in a few ways. Here are a few cheap moving ideas and some tips on finding a more affordable moving company.

    Top senior movers

    In order to find the best mover, start early and have patience.

What else do you need to do?

  • Stay calm and organized. Don’t let worry or stress take over you. Stay focused. There have been many people organizing senior relocation who managed to do it smoothly, so can you.
  • Plan the move well in advance. Sifting through personal items, deciding what to take can be difficult. Those are many years of memories, heirlooms, pictures, etc. that the senior moving cannot just throw away easily. That is why take more time to decide what to take.
  • While searching for trustworthy elder moving companies remember to manage the items you will be moving yourself. If you have to downsize or you wish to decrease the cost of the move, don’t take everything. Help the senior moving pick only what is really important – items that are of use and things that have high emotional or financial value.
  • Whether the senior is moving into a senior facility, apartment or house, check with the owner of the building what is allowed to take in, what are the moving hours appropriate, are there any limitations like pets, etc. Some senior facilities can also provide moving tips so inquire of that too.

Moving seniors and furthermore finding the top elder moving companies to rely on can be a challenge that is time and effort consuming. But it is all worth it because an elder relocation should get a special attention. Moving a senior is an event that should be carefully planned and implemented for the best of the one(s) moving. Do you have experience in finding senior moving companies? If so, you can let us know by making a comment.