When's the best time to moveMoving is a time- and cost-consuming initiative and for most people it is also quite stressful. One of the key features that will define how your move will go is the choice of time for moving. But what is the best time to move in a new house or apartment and how do we find out which is it? There are a few major for every person factors to take into consideration when taking such an important decision. Here is the comparison that you need to make in order to find out what is the best time to move out and into your new home.

What Is The Best Time To Move Out To A New Home?

Starting the moving day early is not the only thing to have in mind. There are a few major parameters according to which it is to be decided which is the best time for moving house.

Buying a Home

The warmer months are a great choice for shopping for a new home and checking out properties. In winter it is nice to stay at home, away from the cold weather. To a certain extend the same goes true for rental properties as well. It is convenient to look for a new home when spring comes, but this is what most people do anyway, so expect to face more competition for your dream home, more people bidding for it, and consequently paying a higher price for purchasing a property. On the other hand, the best time to move into a house or flat in terms of property prices is winter. But you may find less properties put up for sale and therefore less choice. But since fewer people look for a place to buy or rent when it is cold, this is your chance to negotiate lower rent or a lower property price.

Cost For The Move

In the summer when most people move the cost for the relocation could be higher. This is because the movers are busier and have more work to do. If you want to save on moving costs, moving during the fall and winter would be the best time for moving house. Since there’s less work for the moving companies, prices drop and could be reduced with up to 30%! Surely there could be exceptions from this rule but generally, when speaking about what the trend is, this is how things happen in the relocation industry.

When to relocate

March is a good time to start looking for a property if you want more choice, and a bad time, if you want to save money.

Options For Moving Dates

If you are moving in the peak season there will surely be less options for a choice for moving dates. However, if considering how much freedom you have in selecting your moving day, then the best time to move in a new home is in the autumn and the winter. If you are changing a job or you have a deadline to go after for any other reason, then the off peak season for moving is the best choice. This includes not only dates for moving a home, but also car moving options. In the colder months you are less likely to go on a weekend somewhere out which means you have more dates to choose between for your move.

The Cool Air Makes The Move Easier

Packing, loading, unloading, etc. require lots of effort and in the autumn and winter, when the temperatures outside are lower, the cold air consumes the extra energy from the moving men which helps them feel better and work more efficiently. Besides, when you heat up from carrying the boxes to the truck, some cool air may work fine also for you as well. In the summer everyone will sweat more which doesn’t feel very good as you know.

Possibilities For Incidents

In the cold weather, when the movers have more time, they will be less pressed by the clock, the chance for being late is lower, because they won’t be so busy. The roads have less congestion so there is a smaller chance that the movers could be late because of a traffic jam or because they had to stay up on another mover for a longer time. This is an opportunity that you can get advantage of during the colder time of the year.

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More Dedicated Movers

On the overall, if you are wondering what is the best time to move into a new house or apartment, the colder months are better in terms of the movers’ dedication. Since they have less work and are not so busy, they are able to pay even more attention to your move and to every detail of it. A professional moving company that is reliable will be able to provide you with even more care for your relocation and the needs that you have. And isn’t that a nice thing!

Final Word of Advice

Whichever time you choose for moving, consider the advantages of getting movers to help you. They have experience and knowledge that’s come out of it, and they know tricks to help you move faster and easier. In case you need more moving tips and help, here is some more moving advice for you that you can check out for free.

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