3 UNICEF Suggestions on Personal Care for Parents to Make Children Happy

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund or Unicef in short, is an organization under the auspices of the United Nations that has focused on the well-being and condition of children.

UNICEF’s attention is not limited to children, but also to parents. Because the well-being of parents can be decisive for that of children.

On the official UNICEF website, the counselor gives advice to parents on how to apply self-care in stress management. Lisa Damour, psychologist, writer and mother from the United States said parents’ mental state and the atmosphere at home can influence children’s happiness, especially during the pandemic. “When parents can take care of themselves, it means they can take better care of children,” Lisa said.

The pandemic has forced activities to be carried out at home. Whether studying, working, eating, playing and therefore the atmosphere at home greatly influences the behavior and happiness of residents.

According to Lisa, it is the parents who create this atmosphere, and if they are feeling stressed and tired from their activities, it will be difficult to create positive vibrations in the house.

Here are Lisa Damour’s tips for parenting personal care:

– Receives support

Make sure every parent receives good social support, whether from partner, relatives, friends, neighbors or communities. With the right support, parents will feel more comfortable talking about and sharing other people’s problems and providing advice to help each other.

– fun

Lisa Damour recalls the importance of parent fun for happiness or as it is called “happy distraction” or time for me. It’s about how parents can enjoy doing what they love, like painting, playing sports, or other activities they enjoy. “Parents need to recharge their energy and mind so that they have positive energy when caring for children,” said the psychologist.

– Healthy body

During pandemics, health is of the utmost importance. Parents need to be in good physical health, get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy foods, etc. When parents can live healthy lives, children emulate the same positive behavior.

Lisa said children learn to overcome their challenges by imitating what they learned from their parents. Treat Yourself is a good example for children to follow.

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