Case of fly infection in Nairobi reported in North 24-Pgns

kolkata: A case infected with Nairobi Fly was reported by North 24-Parganas on Friday. Nihar Bagchi, a teenager and a resident of Ashokenagar region was probably the first victim in South Bengal, who was bitten by an insect in the face while riding a motorbike.

A social media content creator, Bagchi, initially ignored, but he felt pain in his face after returning home and there was swelling all over his face.

He also had a burning sensation on his face. He consulted a local eye doctor and took medication. Part of his face suffered burns. However, he did not suffer from fever or vomiting.

A police officer from Islampur in northern Dinajpur also faced a similar situation and local doctors suspect it could be a case of the Nairobi fly which has already sparked fear among locals. inhabitants of North Bengal.

Panic gripped not only much of the population living in the hilly regions of North Bengal but also in the neighboring state of Sikkim after more than 100 people reported skin allergies triggered by an insect popularly known as name of Nairobi Fly. About 100 students at a private engineering college in East Sikkim have reported skin allergies in the past two days. Similar cases have also been reported in Mirik, Darjeeling and Siliguri.

The health department has urged civic bodies in North Bengal to sensitize people so that people install mosquito nets at the time of sleeping. He also said people should keep their surroundings clean and insecticides should be spread. It was also advised to put a net on the window so that insects could not enter the houses. People should wear long-sleeved shirts.

The fly, native to East Africa, causes irritant contact dermatitis when it releases pederin, a toxic and acidic material on the human body. Pederin causes chemical burns on the skin.

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