Chicago To Allow Only “Healthy Drinks” To Be Combined With Kids’ Meals At Restaurants, Says New Ordinance – NBC Chicago

Chicago restaurants will be required to market only “healthy drinks” with children’s meals across the city, according to a new city council order.

At a city council meeting on Wednesday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Department of Public Health introduced legislation, which requires strictly healthy, unsweetened beverages to be associated with children’s meals at restaurants.

“Kids don’t need marketing that encourages unhealthy behavior, and parents don’t need
don’t need the extra pressure to serve their kids unhealthy food, ”Lightfoot said in a statement. “By prohibiting such marketing while protecting parental choice, this ordinance will help parents make the right choice for their families.”

Under the ordinance, the beverage standards allow unsweetened still or sparkling water; 100% fruit or vegetable juice; or dairy and non-dairy milks that meet the caloric needs of children’s meals.

The ordinance noted that parents can request sugary drinks instead of the options offered, which was intended to preserve consumer choice. The new legislation will allow local implementation of the Serve Kids Better Act.

Chicago health officials say the ordinance is aimed at tackling the rise in sugar consumption across the city, especially among black and Latino children, which they say leads to tooth decay and intake. weight.

“The result over time may be an increase in chronic disease, the main cause of the nine-year life expectancy gap between blacks and whites in Chicago,” a statement said.

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