Couple shot dead in Islamabad – Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: A couple was killed in the capital on Tuesday, police said.

According to the police, the bodies were found in a wooded area in Dhoke Jabi, located in Banigala.

They said passers-by spotted the murdered couple and notified police who attended the scene and transported the bodies to hospital. The man and woman had been shot in the head and appeared to have been murdered on Monday evening.

The recovery of the deceased’s CNIC enabled the identification of the victims, police said, adding that Banigala police then contacted their counterparts in Dir who informed them that the woman had married in her home town, but s eloped with the man for about two years. from.

The bodies have been identified as those of Shahabullah, 25, and Zeenat Omer, 24, from Dir. He was further informed that the families of the woman and her husband had been looking for them since their runaway.

Banigala police also asked Dir police to notify the families of the murder victims and asked them to come to the capital for further legal proceedings including an autopsy.

It remains to be established when the couple arrived in Islamabad and where they were staying, police said. From their condition, it looked like they were hiding. Two sleeping nets were found near the bodies, suggesting there was no permanent or suitable place for them to stay or sleep, police added.

Posted in Dawn, May 11, 2022

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