Do not stress: maternal stress affects the feeding of the child

According to a new study by Michele Belotprofessor in the Department of Economics.

“Being exposed to stressful events during pregnancy appears to have a negative impact on children’s food preferences and diet, and for reasons that are actually other than what the mother eats herself,” says Belot, who has a joint appointment at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and College of Arts and Sciences. “So that means we need to think about how to help pregnant women deal with stress in a way that could benefit the mother and also the child.”

In the newspaper, “Maternal stress during pregnancy and child diet: evidence from a low socioeconomic status populationBelot and her co-authors found that higher than average stress during pregnancy is linked to significantly less healthy food preferences for their children, as well as a lower preference for acidic and bitter foods.

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Julie Greco is a communication specialist at the ILR School.

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