Families drop potatoes, Norwich amid cost of living crisis

07:00 9 April 2022

The cost of living crisis will mean children won’t eat as healthy as they should, a mum has warned.

Mum-of-two Ashleigh Reynolds says she once stopped buying potatoes because of the energy needed to cook them.

Ms Reynolds – who lives in West Earlham with her two sons Archie, eight, and Leon, four – added that she fears she will have to turn to frozen food due to soaring prices for fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Let’s face it, it’s a lot cheaper than fruits and vegetables,” said the 30-year-old. “I’m going to be less likely to buy potatoes because of the cost of cooking them.

“That means I’ll avoid things like cheese and potato pie because it uses the hob and the oven, so the cost of food coupled with the cost of cooking means it’s no longer a meal cheap.

“I think a lot of people will struggle to get food for their children in the future.

“Especially since the food vouchers for children during school holidays have ceased.

“It’s like we had the food stamps to help us out, and then things got expensive and they stopped just when people needed them most.”

The Evening News pledges to help its reading through the cost of living crisis
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Ms Reynolds thinks many parents across the city are being forced to rethink how they feed their children.

“This in turn could prevent many children from eating a balanced meal,” she added.

She now cooks in large batches so that more expensive ingredients can be put in the fridge or freezer.

“I will also make sure to shop around so I can get the best deals, although I mainly use Aldi as they have cheaper alternatives,” she added.

Research from the New Economics Foundation has found that up to half of all UK children will live in families that cannot afford the price hikes this year.

The think tank predicts that essentials, including clothing and food, will be cut.

Hikes in energy bills, gas prices, Universal Credit cuts and tax increases have all contributed to the cost of living crisis.

And inflation is expected to reach 8% later this year.

Evening News’ Your Money Matters Campaign

This journal is committed to helping YOU as the cost of living crisis hits.
:: Our journalists will be committed to telling your stories, sharing both your struggles and your successes during this crisis.
:: We are committed to not only reporting the ways people are affected, but also to helping find practical solutions to ease the burden.
:: We will identify and highlight areas where people are being treated unfairly and campaign for change where needed.
:: We will highlight ways in which people can financially support others living on the subsistence level.
:: We’ll help local businesses shine a light on their pain points and how they’re trying to help consumers save money.
:: Through offers and discount offers in newspapers and online, we will endeavor to do our part to help you.

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