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Walter Donlon, 87, was a wealthy retired teacher.The year was October, 2005. a worker, Marvin CdeBaca, reported an emergency at the Donlon Northside Santa Fe’s house.

“We need an ambulance” CdeBaca told the 911 operator.“Walter is an 88-year-old… He was injured when he fell and hit his head,” CdeBaca said in the recorded phone conversation.

CdeBaca later stated CdeBaca later claimed that Walter Donlon fell in his office and landed head against the TV.In a state of unconsciousness and bleeding, the senior owner was taken to an emergency area in Saint-Vincent.

As per Santa Fe Police Detective John Boerth that, while Donlon was lying in the hospital bed, being stapled and sutured to the top of his scalp, he got up and declared: ” They beat me. “

“They asked him , ‘Who beat you who beat you?’He then said”They beat me.’He then fell unconscious once more and was never able to regain consciousness, “Detective Boerth said.

The next day, Walter Donlon died of his injuries.

Did it happen as a domestic tragedy or was it something different?Investigators have started a huge two-year probe that has gathered boxes of financial records and a room stuffed with physical evidence, and an extensive analysis of forensics.The result?Walter Donlon’s demise was not an accident.

How did Walter die?

Since the beginning the detectives were skeptical of the claims the claim that Walter Donlon was injured in an accident.“Was it an accident? or was there something else to it?”said Santa Fe police detective Tony Trujillo.

Marvin CdeBaca told detectives Walter Donlon was in his chair, when Walter Donlon arose, fell down and hit his head.

Detective Trujillo stated that the results of an autopsy didn’t match the head of the victim that was banging against television.“He suffered an asymmetrical skull fracture.There were three cuts on in the crown of his head. “Detective Trujillo said.

State Police investigator Paul Chavez (now retired) was brought in to examine the crime scene.One of his findings?There was no blood near or on the television.An examination of the trace of blood proved the fact that Walter Donlon had been brutally assaulted while sitting in his chair.“Mr.Donlon was certainly murdered at his house,” Chavez said.

“The findings of the test showed that Walter was in his chair at the time of the beating occurred to his head. It later killed him,” Detective Trujillo said.“Walter Donlon was killed.

Who was responsible for the murder of Walter Donlon?

Who would be willing to brutally kill an elderly and frail man seated on his couch?

Walter and his wife, 94, Teresa have amassed an estimated net worth of $10 million from investments and rental properties located in Santa Fe.After Walter’s death the police uncovered suspicious transactions in the Donlon’s bank accounts.A team of accountants from the state working for the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue was brought to look into Donlon’s bank and investment documents.What did they discover?Someone stole large amounts of cash of money from Walter as well as Teresa.The primary person to blame would be Marvin CdeBaca.CdeBaca was the property manager for Donlon who was the same person who dialed 911 in October of 2005 declaring that his employer was involved in a domestic crash.

“There was a lengthy period of time, perhaps 20 years, of CdeBaca’s embezzlement from Donlons bank accounts and investments account,” stated Santa Fe Police Detective John Boerth.

Detective Boerth claims that the evidence shows that “Marvin CdeBaca funneled funds from Donlon’s savings and bank accounts and deposited it in his personal bank accounts … several hundred thousand dollars, maybe more than one million dollars.”It was a significant amount of money.

With a wealth of evidence that included an audit of finances as well as crime scene analysis witnesses’ statements and warrants for search, detectives identified one suspect in the investigation: Marvin CdeBaca.

Detective Tony Trujillo summed up the findings of the investigation over two years in light of the evidence.“Marvin CdeBaca made a living from… making money out of the Donlons.The situation reached a point at which his luck changed when Walter discovered that he was involved in this.Walter was planning to dismiss him for it.Marvin CdeBaca saw his cash cow leave the premises and he didn’t want to allow that to occur, “Detective Trujillo said.

“I believe that the reason for this was that Walter was forced to die.There is no doubt about this,” said Trujillo.According to the Santa Fe police detective said that the motive for Donlon’s death could be “sheer the desire for money”.

The prosecutor

The investigation was handed over into the Santa Fe District Attorney for prosecution.But, a few days ahead of the investigation being finally heard by a grand juror, the proceedings were delayed due to an emergency within the family of the prosecutor.This happened in the year 2007.The case was never rescheduled.

In the following 12 years the case would move between prosecutor and prosecutor.In the end, the file vanished and a number districts attorneys lost touch with this Walter Donlon murder case.13 years old, she was never privy to the police file and nobody on her staff was able to bring the Donlon investigation before her.

In an interview conducted in April, the current Santa Fe District Attorney Marco Serna told the media in April: “We are still reviewing the investigation.”The prosecutor, however, admitted that he did not have the police files.“I can assure you that my office does not have the dossier,” Serna said in April.

Serna claimed that his bureau “… has never received complete files of his department. Santa Fe Police Department.”SFPD detectives claim that the complete file of evidence from the Donlon investigation was transferred to the office of the district attorney in 2007.

After Marco Serna took office in 2017 he scheduled an interview with the office of the attorney general to discuss the death of Donlon.Serna stated that he was searching for more resources to pursue the investigation.An attorney general spokesperson informed KRQE News 13 that there was an event in 2017 that was attended by Serna as well as his staff.But, AG spokesman David Carl confirmed that there was no formal request for assistance. Santa Fe district attorney never attended to the meeting in an official solicitation for help.

Retired lawyer Steve Suttle said it was “incomprehensible” that district attorneys should be unable to win a case that is important.“You could imagine that this was a priority file,” Suttle says.“Especially in a small-sized office, where there aren’t a lot of murder cases.It’s not as New York or Chicago or Los Angeles where they have hundreds of cases that are pending.

“It’s the public’s obligation,” Suttle said.“There is a lack of care there.There’s any other reason I could come up with for a case to pass through four or three districts attorneys, but never have an… grand jury report, “Suttle says.

After the April interview on KRQE News 13, DA Serna has finally retrieved an original copy of the Donlon file from the Santa Fe Police Department.Serna states that the case is currently under review.

Due to the 12-year limitation, no financial crimes in the investigation by the police can be prosecuted due the time limit.

In a 2007 article that was published in 2007, the principal suspect in the investigation, Marvin CdeBaca, claimed his innocence and stated “I don’t believe in guilt.Presently, CdeBaca lives in Rio Rancho in the city where he worked as handyman.So far there have not been any charges brought for Marvin CdeBaca.

A Santa Fe Police Detective told KRQE News 13 he “hopes” that justice will be delivered with respect to this Walter Donlon murder case.He said that the New Mexicans have been waiting for 12 years for justice.

“We have been terribly wrong,” said retired state police officer Paul Chavez.“We have real victims who were killed, and the system did not do enough to help him,” Chavez said.

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