Food bank use continues to rise as Canadians report being hungry

New data released by the Windsor-Essex Food Bank Association shows a similar situation locally that a Food Banks Canada Report published earlier this week – more people are facing hunger and food insecurity due to rising inflation and housing costs.

Food bank officials believe families must choose between paying the bills and eating, noting that demand is not declining as it typically would in the warmer months.

“Last April, we served just over 2,000 people,” said June Muir, CEO of UHC’s Hub of Opportunities. “In April, we served approximately 3,700 people, which is an 85% increase.”

According to Muir, food banks in the area are expecting an influx of people this summer, a time when fewer people tend to donate.

“It’s a struggle for many families, many people in Windsor and Essex County, and that’s why it’s important to remember to donate during the summer months,” he said. she declared. “During the summer months, we don’t see many donations because people are on vacation. They don’t think about donating, it’s not Christmas, it’s not Easter.

New data released by Food Banks Canada details just how difficult it has become for some.

One in five Canadians, or about seven million people, reports missing meals because they cannot afford to buy food.

Twenty-three percent say they eat less than they should and 61 percent of Canadians believe that rising housing costs are the biggest barrier preventing Canadians from affording food.

Muir thinks the costs aren’t expected to drop anytime soon and the severity of food insecurity is expected to increase.

“We know the cost of living is going up. We know rent, electricity, gas, everything costs, everything goes up,” Muir said. “So with this increase, people are becoming food insecure. They no longer have enough money after paying for their electricity, their gas, their rent to buy food.

According to Muir, items like peanut butter, canned meat, cereal and kids’ snacks are in high demand ahead of the June 27 Miracle Food Drive.

“It’s really hard to buy these nutritious foods because they’re so expensive,” Muir said, adding that people wishing to donate are encouraged to bring items to a registered food bank, rather than leaving them on the shelf. their porch as in the previous one. two years.

“People can go to a food bank who check in and drop off the food and know the hours. It’s easier to just drop off at a food bank.

Muir added, “If you can donate, please donate. It really helps.

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