Foods adults have hated since childhood

“I’m a professional cook. I know how to make this ingredient taste good to other people, but I just don’t like it.”

Tastes change and often as we age we begin to enjoy things we hated as children (eg coffee or green vegetables). But sometimes food aversions just can’t be eliminated. So editor u/ohwowwhatfun asked, “What foodstuff do you still hate even as an adult?”


“Rhubarb. I’ve grown to like a lot of ingredients that I didn’t like as a kid, but I still don’t trust rhubarb. That stuff has no place in desserts.”

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“Eggplant. I’m sorry but this vegetable has the texture of a dirty sponge.”

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“Cottage cheese. It looks and tastes like someone chewing cheese then spitting it out…and now I’m supposed to eat it?!?”


“Blue cheese. I almost threw up just the smell of it when I was younger. I tried it more recently in a burger, but immediately lost my appetite on the first bite.”

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“Mushrooms. I’m fascinated by them, but I won’t eat them…unless they’re magic. I’m a professional cook and I’ve prepared mushrooms in a thousand different ways. I know how to give them flavor. taste great to others, but my taste buds just don’t like them.”


“Canned tuna. It’s basically the socially acceptable way for humans to eat cat food.”

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“Olives. I don’t understand how people can actually enjoy the taste. They immediately overpower whatever you try to eat them with.”

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“Liver. People have always told me that the reason I don’t like liver is because I haven’t tried one yet that’s been done right. So once I went at a fancy restaurant run by a celebrity chef and ordered a dish with liver just to find out if that statement was true, turns out it wasn’t…I just don’t like liver.

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“Endives. Whether served raw in a salad or baked and loaded with cheese, it’s an abomination to food, IMO.”

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“Lima beans. They always taste like little mushy chalk lozenges to me. No, Mom. I don’t eat them!!”

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“I can’t stand raw celery. I hate the taste and smell, which I can smell in the back of my throat and in my nose. The stringy texture doesn’t help either. Cooked in soups or stews , I can tolerate it , but raw celery makes me sick.”

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“Beets. I wasn’t prepared for how the beets you eat end up leaving your body. Really, I thought I was dying.”

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“Black licorice. I don’t know how anyone under 80 can take advantage of this hellish poison.”


“Oatmeal. Growing up, my parents (and almost every adult I knew) loved oatmeal, so I always thought it was just one of those foods I was going to eat. love as you age. At the ripe old age of almost 30, I can say with certainty: oatmeal is still mushy, bland and disgusting.”

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“Avocado. I know that’s an extremely unpopular food opinion, but I hate avocado. I don’t even think it’s necessarily disgusting, it just tastes like dirt to me and has a weird texture. I love guacamole, because it’s well seasoned and you can taste the other flavors like cilantro, lime, salt, pepper and things that I like I’ve always been baffled by the craze for the avocado that has taken over the United States for the last decade: avocado on burgers, avocado toast, avocado cream ice cream. I don’t get it. I don’t like the taste of it and I don’t don’t understand why she has to be above everything.

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“Raw pepper. I love just about any other veg, but raw pepper has always been my downfall. I’m also not a big fan of cooked pepper, but I can tolerate them in dishes like fajitas or on pizza. But since I was a kid and now as an adult, raw peppers always immediately ruin a dish that’s perfectly good for me.”

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“Tomatoes. I hate raw tomatoes. I eat salsa, ketchup, and tomato sauce, but I can’t make tomatoes. I know, that baffles me too.”

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“Water chestnuts. They’re nasty, crunchy, soggy bites that have no taste but spoil whatever dish they’re in. I don’t know how people like them.”

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“Brussels sprouts. I’m 54 and I’ve tried cooked Brussels sprouts a dozen different ways. Nothing will ever cover that bitter taste enough to make me love them. Growing up, my mom never told me. wouldn’t let her leave the table until I finished them. I protested and sat there for hours until she left the kitchen and I could throw them in the trash.”

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“The fatty part of any meat, like the edges of a steak. I can’t do the chewy texture, and even when it’s cooked until crispy, I can’t stand the taste of game .”

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“Raisins. It’s these wrinkly, tiny, scary things. There’s no worse feeling than accidentally eating an oatmeal raisin cookie and thinking it’s a chocolate chip cookie. “

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“Onions. When I was little, I loved onion rings…but not the onions inside the breadcrumbs. were mad at me, but what can I say? I didn’t like onions then and I still don’t like them now.”


“Pickles. Strangely, I like almost everything except cucumbers in pickle form…but not the pickles themselves.”

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“Capers. What kind of person has tried this foul-tasting stuff and thought it was a good idea to add it to food?”

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“Marshmallows. I’ve always hated them and I think I always will. There’s no junk food more disgusting than Peeps. And I so want to like s’mores, but those goddamn marshmallows spoil everything for me.”

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“Cantaloupe and honeydew. I try these two types of melon every few years in hopes of finally enjoying them, but they’re still gross.”

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“Black beans. I can sometimes get behind other types of beans, like white bean soup or baked beans during the summer with a barbecue. But for my life, I can’t bring myself to love black beans. They don’t even have a strong flavor, I just can’t stand them.”

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“Mayonnaise. I really can’t stand it. I’d say my distaste for mayonnaise borders on a real phobia of the substance.”

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“Asparagus. To me, it tastes like hot garbage. Grilled, steamed, or boiled, it’s terrible. They have this weird, woody taste and the texture just doesn’t suit me.”

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What food have you hated since childhood? still dislike as an adult? Or is there a food you really like? Tell us in the comments!

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