Funding Compendium 2021 – World


Analyzes of contributions from public and private sector resource partners to UNICEF

Strong points

UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. We rely on the commitment of our partners to provide vital support to children and their families.

The 2021 Funding Compendium contains financial information on contributions to UNICEF from public and private sector resource partners. It describes UNICEF’s different funding streams, including regular, thematic, earmarked and emergency resources.

  • In 2021, UNICEF’s total revenue increased to $8,122 million from $7,219 million in 2020.
  • From this income,
    1. Unrestricted core or regular resources amounted to $1,408 million.
    2. Other resources earmarked increased by 17 per cent to a total of $6,713 million.
  • Public sector revenues accounted for 73% or $5,924 million of total revenues.
  • Private sector revenue accounted for 26% or $2,077 million of total revenue.

In 2022, UNICEF will continue to rely on your flexible and predictable funding to reverse the impact of the pandemic and get us back on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for every child and young person, everywhere.

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