Ghana: malaria cases overwhelm Tanyigbe health center

Tanyigbe – The surge in malaria cases has plagued the pint-sized community health center in Tanyigbe, near Ho.

The center recorded 91 cases of malaria in May, 86 cases in June and 291 in July of this year.

Last month, 267 cases of malaria were treated at the twin-bed facility.

Madam Lawrencia Mensah, midwife in charge of the center, revealed it last Friday to the Ghanaian Times.

He said the center now receives an average of 30 cases of malaria per day.

She attributed the tendency to the rains which had helped the mosquitoes to breed quickly.

To reverse the trend, Ms. Mensah said health workers regularly educate people on the need to use insecticide-treated mosquito nets and keep their environment clean.

According to her, the center has also recorded an increase in cases of high blood pressure and diabetes and patients have been referred to hospitals in Ho.

Meanwhile, a solution to the challenges facing the health center is clearly in sight as a new facility expansion project nears completion.

The Community Health Planning and Services Complex (CHPS) project, when completed, would include a larger outpatient department, nursing homes and other units expanded to meet the needs of the population of 423,618. people.

When officials from the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) visited the project site on Friday, he found that 90 percent of the project had been completed.

Alhaji Ahmed Anderson, who led the PIAC team, described the work done so far as impressive.

The deputy of Ho Central, Mr. Benjamin Komla Kpodo who was present, also congratulated the entrepreneurs, MM. SKA Frontline Limited, for the decent work done so far.

The project which took off in 2019 is funded by oil revenues as part of the annual budget funding amount (ABFA).

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