Government to release ‘bold and ambitious’ new plan to tackle child poverty

The Scottish government will publish a new plan to tackle child poverty on Thursday.

As part of the requirements of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017, the Scottish Government must publish a plan and provide a Ministerial Statement at regular intervals.

Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison said the document would “propose bold and ambitious actions” to reduce child poverty.

But a leading think tank said last week that the Scottish government would miss its target of reducing child poverty to less than 10% by 2030.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said the current measures do not go far enough – although Ms Robison claimed the new plan “will go further” than the previous one.

“Every child in Scotland deserves to become the best they can be. We will come up with bold and ambitious actions in (the plan) that build on the foundations of the first delivery plan,” she said.

“It is the national mission of this government to fight child poverty and our new implementation plan will include a series of immediate measures.

“By supporting the children of today and through our longer-term plans and ambitions, we will also ensure that child poverty remains lower in the future.

“We want to tackle deep poverty to break its cycle once and for all.”

The Scottish Government, through the 2017 Act, has pledged to reduce relative child poverty to less than 18% by 2023-24, before falling to less than 10% by the end of the decade.

“We will rely on a range of factors to achieve our goals,” the Social Justice Secretary added.

“We need to help more parents find sustainable and fair work, strengthen social security and reduce household burdens for low-income families.

“The child poverty targets in our Child Poverty Act 2017 were ambitious and we do not underestimate the challenge ahead of us, especially in light of the current cost of living and poverty crisis. international uncertainty.

“It has only strengthened this government’s resolve to work together across society to make an even greater difference in the lives of the children who need us most.

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