How to protect your child from mosquitoes this season? Follow these simple tips

In the current season, it is a bit difficult to get respite from being exposed to different mosquitoes and insects. Changes in weather conditions and increased humidity have only aggravated the problem. Children are even less prepared to deal with mosquitoes, which makes them easy targets. Mosquito bites are not only annoying, they can also cause irritation and allergic reactions or rashes. Above all, mosquitoes are potential carriers of diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya and malaria. In an effort to protect your children from mosquito bites, we bring some easy to follow steps.

Mosquito repellent

Applying mosquito repellent to your child’s body should be part of your daily routine. However, you cannot choose just any mosquito repellent. It is always advisable to use products with delicate formulas for children. Buy repellents that not only protect children from mosquitoes, but are also gentle on the skin. Dermatologically tested and chemical-free products are the right choice.

Long sleeves to your rescue

Don’t dress your child to impress them, rather dress to protect them. How? By simply minimizing the surface of exposed skin. Choose lightweight knits and cotton clothes that not only cover your child’s whole body, but also allow air to pass through. Dress children in long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and shoes whenever they go out.

Prepare mosquito nets

The use of mosquito nets is one of the ideal ways to protect the child and has no negative effects on health. You can put a large net above the bed. Preferably, use a netting made of fine-mesh fabric with elastic edging that easily fits over the bed or crib.

Avoid using scented products on children

In addition to dark light and bright colors, mosquitoes are also attracted to a variety of floral and fruity scents. So make sure your child does not wear them. Use creams and powders with a subtle scent.

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