Many kids say a weekly USANA Kids Eat food bag is the only consistent thing in their lives

Hunger in Utah is more prevalent than most realize.

COVID has hit those who need it even harder than others, especially those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

USANA Kids Eat is 100% dedicated to helping hungry Utah kids get the food we need.

Michelle Benedict, director of USANA Kids Eat, says when children receive their food bags, they are thrilled and grateful. Many children say that the weekly food bag is the only consistent thing in their life.

Michelle says, “It’s tender to see the smiles and relief knowing that they will have to eat.”

USANA Kids Eat’s primary program is the Weekend Program, which is funded by community donations and sponsor adoptions.

Each week, children are kicked out of school with a bag of food to help them get through the weekend.

Currently, 35 schools participate in the weekend program and deliver a total of 930 bags to them each weekend.

Michelle says they just added five new schools and expect to add many more for the fall.

USANA Kids Eat is currently seeking volunteer delivery drivers and donations.

Later in the year, they’ll need people to help them pack their bags and adopt schools.

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