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The Democratic Party used to be called the Workers’ Party and praised the “dignity of work”. No more. Now Democrats want to guarantee people who choose not to work an income funded by suckers who do the right thing by showing up to work, taking care of their families and paying taxes.

Fortunately, these self-sufficient Americans just dodged a bullet. The failure to pass Build Back Better in Congress, thanks to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), means monthly checks or automatic bank deposits to parents with children, sometimes dubbed Biden Bucks, are taking end of this month.

For workers, the monthly payments were just an advance on their tax refunds – but parents who choose not to work received unconditional cash to support their jobless lifestyle.

Under the guise of pandemic relief, Democrats who adopted the US bailout last March changed a feature of the tax code – the child tax credit available to working adults who pay taxes – into one. subsidy paid unconditionally and monthly to almost all adults with children, whether working or not.

Democrats have been pushing to extend monthly payments until 2022 as part of the Build Back Better Act, with a plan to make them permanent.

Manchin saw through what his party meant: a socialist-style universal basic income. Manchin objected to the unconditional monthly cash grants: “There is no requirement for work whatsoever.”

“Don’t you think that if we want to help children,” Manchin asked, parents “should make an effort? “

So what about the Democratic Party which represents the workers? President Joe Biden is still talking about the conversation. “My dad used to say, ‘Joey, a job is more than a salary. It is about your dignity. It’s a matter of respect. This is your place in the community.

But Biden’s party no longer takes that walk. As Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wisconsin, told the House Ways and Means Committee during a debate on Build Back Better, “the so-called dignity of work – it’s like hearing a fingernail on a painting”. Eric Levitz of New York Magazine calls Manchin’s ethical work beliefs “despicable”.

Sorry, but most Americans don’t want to support moochers.

Supporters of the monthly payments hail them as “already a huge success” in lifting millions of children out of poverty. Absurdity. This is what a working parent does. The national poverty rate fell temporarily, but the payments did not solve the problem of parents without the mentality of supporting their children.

It’s already seen. Before the 1996 welfare reform enacted by a Republican Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton, Uncle Sam sent checks to non-working parents. Social protection reform changed this, forcing parents to work or train to work in order to receive cash benefits. It has succeeded, reducing welfare roles, improving child poverty, and helping single mothers become self-sufficient.

Yet today’s Democratic Party rejects this model. Democrats tend to blame unemployment on racism or a rigged economy and argue that people deserve dignity whether they choose to work or not.

Of course, all human beings deserve dignity – but not a place on the couch in front of television funded by hard-working people.

Democratic politicians across the country are pushing to provide basic monthly income to the non-working poor, through taxpayers. They formed mayors for a guaranteed income. Los Angeles sends monthly checks for $ 1,000 to 2,000 residents.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is using millions of federal pandemic relief funds to distribute $ 500 a month in cash grants to randomly selected low-income beneficiaries. This should infuriate anyone who works and pays taxes.

Jobs are plentiful. The National Federation of Independent Businesses reported that more than half of small business owners cannot fill the positions. Small businesses display “Help Wanted” signs in windows.

Every time you walk past one of these signs, you can thank Manchin for standing up to not turning taxpayers into suckers supporting biters.

– Betsy McCaughey is a former Lieutenant Governor of New York and author of “The Next Pandemic”.

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