MP Anneliese Dodds slams government for ‘shameful’ child poverty crisis in Oxford

An Oxford MP slammed the government for a ‘shameful’ child poverty crisis after research revealed thousands of children in Oxford East live in poverty.

Over 29% of all children in Oxford live below the poverty line after the cost of housing in the city.

A new analysis published by the End Child Poverty Coalition has shown a sharp increase in child poverty in Britain over the past five years, with more than 400,000 more children living in poverty after housing costs than in 2015.

Many fear the Covid pandemic has exacerbated child poverty issues across the UK.

The researchers combined child poverty data released by the Department of Work and Pensions in May with information on local housing costs to paint a detailed picture of child poverty across the country.

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MP Anneliese Dodds signed the new ‘No Child Left Behind’ pledge launched today by the National Education Union

Ms Dodds said: “These numbers are shocking and heartbreaking.

“This government has presided over a dramatic increase in child poverty.

“It’s horrible to think that three in ten children in Oxford East are growing up in poverty.

“I am really happy that Labor is making tackling child poverty a top priority and working to make Britain the best possible place to grow up for all children.

“This is why I am proud to sign the commitment of the National Education Union, which undertakes to do everything in my power to ensure that no child is left behind.”

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