Nearly 40,000 vaccinated daily against COVID, according to UNICEF representative

The representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Afghanistan, Salam Al-Janabi informed Sputnik that nearly 40,000 people in the country are being vaccinated daily after the start of a vaccination campaign against COVID- 19 in 14 of the country’s 32 provinces from the middle of October. The UNICEF representative further assured that the other remaining provinces would start distributing COVID vaccines within the next 2-3 days.

Quoting Al-Janabi, ANI reported: “UNICEF and its partners are supporting a massive COVID-19 vaccination campaign targeting residents of urban areas. This campaign began on October 16 in 14 provinces. She started in the southern region a day later.

He went on to say that the mass COVID vaccination campaign will continue until the 1.8 million Johnson & Johnson doses in stock are used up.

Vaccination against COVID in Afghanistan

Al-Janabi added that Afghanistan has obtained around 5.25 million various vaccines through the COVID-19 Global Vaccine Access Center (COVAX) and bilateral donations. Further, Al-Janabi informed that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there have been 155,985 incidents of COVID-19 recorded in Afghanistan, with 7,257 deaths. A total of 2,925,490 doses of immunization had been distributed as of October 23, according to the UNICEF representative, Sputnik reported.

Meanwhile, earlier, the World Health Organization in Afghanistan revealed on Twitter that testing and vaccination against COVID-19 has declined in the war-torn country since August after the Taliban took control from the capital Kabul. Additionally, the WHO has said that around 1.6 million doses of vaccination will expire if not used.

“3.2 million Afghan children under five will suffer from acute malnutrition”

In addition, UNICEF warned on October 5 that by the end of 2021, an estimated 3.2 million Afghan children under the age of five would suffer from acute malnutrition. The warning was issued by UNICEF Representative in Afghanistan, Hervé Ludovic De Lys, and World Food Program (WFP) Country Representative and Country Director in Afghanistan, Mary-Ellen McGroarty, after a two-day visit to the city of Herat. According to UN authorities, nearly a million Afghan children are at risk of dying if they do not receive prompt care.

About 14 million people in the war-torn country suffer from food insecurity, according to the United Nations agency. According to surveys, 95% of Afghan families do not eat enough food and adults eat less and miss meals to enable their children to eat more.

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