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Berhampur: Although several Olive Ridleys eggs were destroyed by beach erosion last week, thousands of baby turtles emerged from the sandy pits and began their journey to sea near the Rushikulya mouth offshore from the coast of Ganjam for the past two days.
“This year the massive hatching started on time in the rookery and is expected to continue for another four to five days. We are doing our best to ensure the safety of the baby turtles,” said Amlan Nayak, Divisional Forest Officer of Berhampur .
“While a record number of Olive Ridleys have laid eggs this time around, we are also expecting large numbers of baby turtles despite hundreds of eggs being damaged by beach erosion caused by high tides. under the influence of the cyclone last week,” added DFO. About 100 to 150 eggs are laid by each female turtle.
Around 5.50 lakh Olive Ridleys had laid eggs on an island beach near Podampet between March 28 and April 4. The species then returned to the sea.
As local people teamed up with forest officers to protect the baby turtles, forest officers fenced off the area with mosquito nets. “We surrounded the whole area to prevent the entry of wild dogs, jackals and hyenas. Patrolling the beach is also enabled. The volunteers retrieved a few baby turtles, which were diverted from their path, in a bucket, and released them back into the sea,” DFO said.
The forest department has also asked neighboring industries, the port of Gopalpur and the municipal authorities of Ganjam to dim the streetlights so that species are not attracted to the light. “We have also restricted visitors near the settlement,” the official added.

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