Reading resident supports UNICEF in organizing fundraiser

THE PRESIDENT of Maidenhead Rotary has picked up a “shocking” amount of trash during his ongoing fundraiser.

Martin Trepte, 56, of Woodley, Reading, started the 1,000 mile challenge on July 1, when he became club president, to benefit UNICEF‘s Yemen Crisis Appeal.

After six months he’s already covered over 800 miles and collected £ 2,461 while picking up trash along the way.

Its goal is to raise awareness of plastic pollution by supporting UNICEF with essential funds for its services.

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The avid runner, who has embarked on numerous marathons and half-marathons, Mr. Trepte said: “It is a very personal commitment for me as my wife is from Yemen and her family lives there.

“Running solo is also a fundraising means that cannot be stopped by the restrictions of Covid. ”

Mr. Trepte hopes to complete the challenge by June.

He added, “It’s amazing how many people casually throw away at the side of the road that could easily be recycled.

“I post a photo of my weekly commute on Facebook and plan to edit the photos when I’m done to hopefully convey the magnitude of the problem. ”

With environmental protection at the center of the Rotary club’s concerns, Mr. Trepte collected trash to support the Rotary End Plastic Soup environmental campaign.

The goal of the initiative is to prevent single-use plastics from ending up in rivers and oceans by 2050.

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Mr Trepte said: “Plastics are breaking down into tiny pieces in our seas and rivers, threatening the environment and our health, so during my shopping I take a bag with me and pick up the trash as I go. .

“The amount I collect each week is shocking, even though most plastic and cans can be recycled. ”

In addition to being involved with Rotary, Mr. Trepte is also principal of the Maidenhead Festival and school governor.

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