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The big snowstorm was a concern because the person cleaning my drive was unavailable. Then a group of young men came to my door and offered to drive me. They said they went to school at Warren Lincoln School. They were nice, polite and did a great job! I thank parents for teaching their children to be of service to others. Warren City Schools can also be proud. I am a proud and grateful retired WCS teacher.


Ohioans overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to ensure fair districts, but the message went unheard by the loud buzz of corruption present in state government. Ohio GOP leaders have argued in court over provisions requiring districts to “reflect statewide voting preference” were optional. The will of the people, reflected in the amendment, is not optional. Now the Ohio GOP has submitted another unconstitutional map. The people of Ohio have massively announced their will to the government. It must be respected.


Although she lacks tact and diplomacy, Niki Frenchko has great ideas. She shakes the cage of the good old boys, and they don’t like it! If Mr. Cantalamessa and Mr. Fuda set aside their biases against Republican women, perhaps some work would be done. Mrs. Frenchko turns the proverbial apple cart upside down and raises awareness about what happened in a dodgy past.


To all residents of Deforest, Curtis, Ridgelawn, Boston and Hightree: Please refrain from feeding feral cats. I’m tired of them under my bird feeder and wandering around my deck and porch. If you have to feed a cat, go to the shelter, adopt one and keep it in your home. The neighborhood is overrun with these feral cats!


Read syndicated columnist Star Parker’s article on Thursday’s Tribune opinion page to see the “real cost” government-funded universal preschool, part of Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Church-related facilities are excluded from this program. By Biden, “Facilities that are used primarily for sectarian instruction or religious worship are not eligible.” I ask: Why not?

Newton’s Falls

For all the people who think COVID-19 is a joke, why are you queuing up for test kits? Maybe they should have you show your vaccination card to get them. We are tired of wearing masks because of you. Stop serving them. It is their choice.


Joe Biden didn’t create 6.4 million jobs like he said. The Washington Post gave him two Pinocchios for lying. Fact check: it’s only 2 million. And this trillion-dollar infrastructure project was bipartisan. Wages rose and were eaten away by 7% inflation, the highest since 1982. Biden may be beating child poverty with the Child Tax Credit, but it will force parents out of work, and we need workers to support our country. You call that good news?


I encourage everyone to do their research on the 2020 election audits. The national media keeps them under the radar. What a shame that our country is pushed to allow dictatorship, unsecured voting (no voter card, etc.). Virtually every other civilized country has banned this uncivilized practice.


President Biden brought up his experience in foreign policy. Let’s look at what he did. The debacle in Afghanistan was a huge failure, soldiers died. China is flying warplanes over Taiwan daily to test Biden’s skills. He recently gave a press conference where he made the distinction between a minor incursion and an invasion in Ukraine, thus giving his approval for an incursion which will lead to the invasion. It was on you who elected this man.


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