Russia is accused of targeting Ukraine’s food supply

Many organizations, including the World Food Program and José Andrés World Central Kitchen, have donated food and supplies to Ukraine and helped in any way they can. José Andrés shared a video by Richard Engel of NBC News showing one of the largest storage warehouses in Ukraine, which held 50,000 tons of food before it was bombed twice by Russian forces. Andres tweeted“That is why [it] is so important to diversify food storage.”

World News warns that Russian forces are also targeting critical food production and storage infrastructure. Ports, farms and food storage facilities like silos and grain elevators have been attacked as Russian forces create an emergency of food shortages. According to global citizen, the war in Ukraine will also impact the global food supply chain, as Russia and Ukraine export 25% of the world’s wheat as well as substantial amounts of barley, corn and cooking oils. The cost of food is already high, and as countries like China source food produced in other countries, demand will likely drive up global prices even further.

Currently, as dwindling agricultural infrastructure leads to supply problems leading to inflation and the bombing of food stores denying food to Ukrainians, the global community can offer support through charities .

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