Smollan acquires Argility Technology Group from Capital Eye Investments

South Africa’s Argility Technology Group was acquired by the Smollan Group, a global smart commerce solutions company that strives to generate growth for retailers and brand owners on five continents, including ‘Africa.

Marko Salic, CEO, Argility Technology Group. Source: provided

Smollan acquired ATG from Capital Eye Investments – a private equity and venture capital firm that invests in technology-driven companies with a particular focus on emerging markets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Smollan has 90 years of experience partnering with brands to create and execute understanding-driven solutions to drive growth, wider distribution and operational efficiency, while ATG’s origins stretch back over 35 years. of history as a leading software developer and supplier for the retail and supply chain industries.

Expanding the Data Offering Across Retail and Supply Chain

James Collett, Chief Data Officer of Smollan, emphasizes the importance of strategic acquisition. “ATG joining the Smollan Group is an important step in our strategy to expand our technology and data offering within the retail and supply chain. We are extremely excited about the synergies that exist between the companies and, as a global leader in business solutions, we will seek to develop ATG’s presence internationally.

“An aligned and strong culture is always essential to creating a successful partnership, and at ATG and its employees, we believe we’ve found just that. We look forward to welcoming ATG to the Smollan family, ”said Collett.

Q&A: Marko Salic on Digital Transformation of Retail and Supply Chain Solutions

Marko Salic, CEO of ATG, notes that the acquisition is one of the most important events in the history of Argility. “ATG is immensely excited about this new phase in the group’s history. Over the past five years, we have made notable strategic investments in business acquisitions that have served to increase our focus on partnering with retail and supply chain organizations to help them digitize and move to industry 4.0.

“Smollan’s purchase of ATG represents a substantial investment in our business and a broader path to global markets. The synergies between Argility’s vision and mission and those of Smollan made it a very attractive decision for us and a good cultural fit for our group. The combination of these assets will serve to enrich ATG’s portfolio; expand our solutions and service delivery for current and future customers, ”says Salic.

Smollan’s acquisition of ATG has been ratified by all regulatory authorities and is effective immediately.

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