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HYDERABAD: Insisting that prevention is better than cure, doctors in the city are sharing ways to keep seasonal illnesses like dengue, typhoid, flu, colds and even Covid at bay. Don’t ignore any signs of worsening disease, they say

The weather has become tiring for many of us in the city, except those who speed up the rains. But with the monsoon comes a horde of diseases that almost seem like a marker of the rainy season. A running joke among Hyderabadis is that most people in the city have recovered from monsoon flu or monsoon fever, know someone who is sick or will soon catch one!

Adapting to seasonal changes while balancing a busy lifestyle is surely a task and when illness takes over you become even weaker to deal with it. But here’s the hope – prevention is better than cure. As cliché as the line has become, it can never cease to be true, say the city’s doctors.

Senior Consultant Physician Dr. Jagadeesh Kumar V explains how to seek medical attention once you have a fever or a cold this season. “Monsoons have all kinds of fevers and the flu is one of them. Your body suffers when you misdiagnose or self-diagnose the flu as a common fever. Mosquitoes are the main cause for the increase in cases of dengue fever, influenza and typhoid which are common in July, August and September,” says Dr Jagadeesh.

Listing the precautions, he says they are “universal” but must be taken seriously. “Since dengue is spread by aerosols, stay away from those with fever and cold. Use mosquito nets and repellents and make sure there is no stagnation around you, and also wear fully covered sloths.Typhoid is a waterborne disease, so avoid drinking water from places you have no idea of ​​the source.Carry your water boiled and cooled. exposure to wet areas and being soaked and staying that way for a long time can cause several illnesses, whatever the symptoms, consult the nearest doctor to help treat the illness accordingly,” he adds.

According to Dr. Shiva Raju, Chief Medical Officer and Diabetologist at KIMS Hospitals, even a fever during this season should not be ignored. “The fever can be accompanied by back pain and a stuffy nose. It could be a new seasonal strain causing a significant problem. Besides dengue fever, allergic diseases are also on the rise this season. These rains can easily cause infections and spread faster. Fortunately, these diseases heal quickly and easily. Finally, taking the vaccine would be one of the best ways to stay away from Covid-19, while remembering to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, maintain personal hygiene and social distance. decent.

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