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Bougainville still has a care center welcoming 706 people from the Konnou district of Bougainville Sud.

About 706 people from Upper Konnou villages – Parero, Piriraro, Tabago and Luirau – have been living at the Sinkaitai health center along the Buin-Arawa highway since 2019.

They left their villages fearing for their lives after being harassed by a Me’ekamui faction when they voted in the Bougainville referendum.

They cannot return to their villages because they have been threatened with death if they return.

The director of disaster and climate change emergencies in Bougainville, Lt. Col. John Imaka (retired), visited the health center this weekend with food supplies.

People in the health center urgently need help to cope with:
Food insecurity because the land available for gardening is limited;
– The school fees of their children because they have no income;
– Clothing and bedding; and,
– Water tanks.

Mr Imaka said his committee had worked with the Red Cross and the International Migration Office (IOM) to provide the health center with relief assistance of 100 bales of rice, a bale of blankets, canvas, pots, cups, spoons and forks, mosquito nets and water containers.

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