The Rotary Club of Agege distributes free mosquito nets to pregnant women and others

The Rotary Club of Agege in Lagos on Sunday distributed 200 free mosquito nets to pregnant and lactating women with public health clarifications to prevent malaria in the area.

Mr. Biodun Bello, president of the club, in his remarks during the public health outreach, said the project was part of the humanitarian services provided by Rotary around the world to communities.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that the program was held at the Sango District Primary Health Center in Agege.

“We have a large number of women to look after here at Agege, which is what we do year after year in our small contributions to the benefit of the grassroots community.

“We are saving the needy and less privileged in society in health and other matters because many people have benefited from exercise over the past few years,” he said.

According to him, the club sensitizes pregnant and breastfeeding women to ensure that they follow normal health guidelines during and after pregnancy and educates them on family planning.

Dr Otakpor Uzoyjecaine, a doctor, who mentored the beneficiaries at the health conference, said nursing mothers need to know how to take care of themselves and their children.

Uzoyjecaine, also a member of the club, said the aim of the program was to educate women in the community, both pregnant and breastfeeding, to be health conscious.

“We are here to enlighten them on maternal health care before, during and after childbirth.

“We came to raise awareness and distribute free mosquito nets to help the less privileged and prevent malaria in society,” the doctor said.

According to him, the club has done wonders globally by focusing on six major areas of conflict resolution, mother and child care, disease prevention, water sanitation and others.

The doctor added that the positive impacts of the program have been felt in society by reducing the rate of malaria as well as maternal and child complications.

Dr. Elizabeth Fatuyi, Medical Officer of Sango Community Primary Health Center in Agege, in her address thanked the club for its annual track record in the fight against malaria among women.

Fatuyi added that exercise has gone a long way in helping mothers ensure proper sanitation during and after pregnancy.

“The impacts of raising awareness and distributing mosquito nets and impregnated diapers to pregnant and lactating women will go a long way in preventing diseases among them.

“I’m sure they will benefit so much from the health talk and other materials that will be given to them,” the health worker said.

Mrs. Deborah Odea, one of the beneficiaries of the scheme, thanked the club for the kind gesture saying she was surprised to receive free mosquito nets and nappies.

Odea said she learned a lot in health talk and assured that enlightenment would help prevent disease in the community.

Another beneficiary, Ms. Ogunsakin Abiola, praised Rotary’s annual project and thanked the club for the free mosquito nets.


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