UNICEF launches national consultations for its next country program with stakeholders in Lebanon

UNICEF Lebanon released the following statement on Tuesday:

UNICEF has launched the development of its new Country Program Document (CPD) for Lebanon for 2023-2025 in consultation with high-level government officials and institutions, civil society and United Nations agencies. More than 150 key stakeholders gathered at the National Library of Lebanon to discuss and renew their commitment to children and reflect on how best to reach children and young people in Lebanon over the next three years.

The CPD defines program priorities and strategies for the next three years in line with the new “United Nations Framework” for 2023-2025 in order to strengthen and continue the work initiated under the previous UNICEF program to improve the access of children and young people to quality services in protection, education and health, and better opportunities to realize their full potential.

“Lebanon has changed and our country program must reflect the new reality in which UNICEF operates,” said Edouard Beigbeder, UNICEF Representative in Lebanon. “Over the past few years, UNICEF has worked to protect the rights of children by responding to the refugee situation, the economic crisis, the impact of the explosion in Beirut and the COVID-19 pandemic. 19. We consult with partners and communities on how best to meet the basic needs and rights of children and young people – who are today most at risk. »

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. George Kallas, representing Prime Minister Najib Mikati, stressed the importance of prioritizing the problems of young people and encouraging them to stay in Lebanon, stating: “The efforts undertaken by UNICEF are not only related to safeguarding and protecting children, but also ensuring a secure future for children in Lebanon. The Youth Policy Action Plan is one of the most important documents approved by the government and has now been linked to an Executive Action Plan. He ended his speech by emphasizing his support for community rescue and prioritizing youth issues to keep them in Lebanon.

UNICEF’s new country programme, which will be finalized later this year, will aim to prevent a further decline in children’s access to basic social services. The strategic priorities emerging from the consultations will align with UNICEF’s goals of bringing about positive change and designing transformative programs to build a better future for all children in Lebanon.

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