University takes first steps to gain recognition from UNICEF for midwifery training

The University of Cumbria is committed to taking the first steps to gain recognition from the UK Committee of the UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiative for its high-level training of student midwives.

The Baby-Friendly University award recognizes high levels of training in breastfeeding and baby-parent relationships to female midwifery students and those taking other related courses in allied health.

Midwifery professors from the University’s Institute of Health received a Certificate of Commitment, a mark of dedication to implementing recognized best practices in breastfeeding education and working for a full accreditation.

With a view to an assessment in 2022, students already enrolled in the university’s BSc (Hons) and MSc Pre-Registration Midwife courses are being taught in accordance with BFI standards thanks to teachers who have integrated them into validated programs.

The nationally recognized quality mark demonstrates the importance of positive baby-parent relationships and interactions. It sets standards for educating healthcare professionals to help parents build close, loving relationships with their babies through breastfeeding and informed infant feeding choices.

Speaker Kerry Cooper, responsible for implementing the BFI at the university, said: “The University of Cumbria is committed to providing our midwifery students with the best available, evidence-based education available to them. will support women and families in infant feeding and bonding. with their babies, in accordance with BFI standards.

“This will allow our newly graduated graduate midwives to enter the workplace with full knowledge of BFI standards, providing them with a solid foundation for caring for families. “

The Baby-Friendly Initiative is a global program that aims to transform health care for babies, their mothers and their families as part of a larger global partnership between UNICEF and the World Health Organization ( WHO).

In the UK, the Baby Friendly Initiative is working with public services and universities to better help families nurture and develop close, loving relationships to ensure all babies get the best possible start in life.

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