Vlogger Priest makes Tiny Maruti Alto her home

In a rather interesting twist of events, a vlogger priest shows off his Maruti Alto which he uses for sleeping while traveling around the country.

A YouTuber, vlogger and a priest explain the features of his Maruti Alto which he transformed into a bit of a motorhome. People rent or buy RVs (recreational vehicles) when they want to travel non-stop and need to sleep, eat and live there. The RV trend is not that common in India. But that doesn’t stop this priest from converting his Alto into a basic RV that allows two people to sleep in and live in. Let us check out the details of this unique arrangement.

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Vlogger Priest makes Maruti Alto her home

Kanhaiya Sharma is a priest by profession who took the initiative to follow his duties via YouTube. He uploads videos where he interviews saints, priests and religious and spiritual leaders in various parts of the country, and visits temples and other places of religious significance to share wisdom and knowledge about our heritage with home viewers. His partner on this trip is his brother who handles camera work and a Maruti Alto. While you might not immediately think of Alto as a roomy car, wait until you see the ingenious methods Kanhaiya uses to turn it into a motorhome.

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To start, he installed a large battery, inverter, electronics and power sources in the Alto to ensure that his gadgets, camera and other electronics are active wherever he is. He usually travels to remote areas where electricity or hotel amenities are not available. Therefore, there is enough power in the car to charge its devices. He also installed a folding wooden bed which acts as a flat bed on which the two people sleep. A portable table fan is provided to hang from the rope attached between the second row grab handles to provide adequate ventilation on hot summer days. To protect himself from mosquitoes and insects, he covers the doors with mosquito nets by hanging them above the doors.

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A priest settles into his Maruti Alto

Needless to mention, he removed the rear seats to make room for all that stuff. He often carries large amounts of raw food which he sometimes cooks. This speaks to the reliability and trust people have in Maruti products. They require little maintenance and service and spare parts are available even in remote areas thanks to a dense network of dealers and service centers. Let us know your thoughts on this unique vlogger priest and his Maruti Alto RV.

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