Zelensky says ‘there isn’t a single crime’ Russians ‘wouldn’t commit’ in Bucha

Some supplies, including fuel and seeds, should be regulated by the government, President Vladimir Putin warned in a televised address. But he blamed that on global food shortages, not Western sanctions on Russia.

“It is clear that this year, in the context of global food shortages, we will have to be more careful in our food supplies abroad, namely to carefully monitor the parameters of these exports to countries that are clearly hostile to us,” Putin said in a televised address at the agriculture industry meeting.

Putin said the manure market is already regulated by the government and there is a need to control the country’s supply of fuels, seeds and breeding stock.

“Under conditions of external restrictions, the most important issue is the availability of modern equipment and spare parts,” he added.

Western sanctions against Russia were imposed because of “errors in the economic, energy and food policies” of developed countries, which led to rising prices and a lack of food supply, Putin claimed.

“Against the background of minimal food supplies in the world, new sanctions are imposed, the work of enterprises and the logistics of fertilizer supplies from Russia and Belarus are blocked, and our own production of fertilizers in the West is decreasing due to from the high natural gas prices, which is also, in fact, the result of the activities of our partners in the West,” he said.

“Under these current conditions, a shortage of fertilizer in the global market is inevitable,” he said, adding, “Not all countries will be able to buy the amount of fertilizer needed for the current season, which means that crop yields will also decrease. .”

Despite all these negative factors, Putin claimed that Russia had “food self-sufficiency”.

“For the main food groups, our internal market is fully supplied with its own food, its own production, and for certain goods, such as sunflower oil, cereals, the capacities of the national companies cover the excess demand and a very good export potential for Russia has emerged,” he said.

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