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Нина Иванова
Две години от онази паметна нощ , в която трансплантираха дъщеря ми . Две години от онова утро , в което исках на всички да кажа за голямото шастие ,


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Hello, friend

My daughter – Rosy needs a transplantation of a kidney, which requires money. I ask all people in the world no matter what they are – black or white, people with big hearts and charitable souls, who are ready to collect the sum, nece – seary to help Rosy. Together we can save her. She is very young, only twenty, and she has the right to enjoy youth. Let give a young girl the chance to fulfill her dreams.

Money are collected in PIRAEUS BANK

BGL account:    BG05PIRB 71715716071282
USD account:    BG07PIRB 71715716071343
EURO account: BG60PIRB 71715716071359.

I believe in your charity!

Thank you,
Rosy's mother – Nina Ivanova