Auto transportation reviewsIf you have an auto, whatever it may be – an average, exotic or high end auto, a collector vehicle, truck or van, if you are relocating to a new city and you have a vehicle you will most probably choose to take it with you. There are a few major issues that you need to be aware of and a few important tips to follow for a safe move of your auto. Of course, the main question of what are the auto transportation rates is also discussed.

Reading Auto Transportation Reviews

Be careful if a company possesses both carrier and broker license. Check its reliability by reading auto transportation reviews. You can see a list with websites here. Car relocation reviews can point you towards a particular trustworthy moving company and can be helpful for you to avoid scammers. Besides the auto transportation reviews, check the licensing that the carrier has – the USDOT, Freight broker license and Motor carrier license. As you read on the different reviews the majority of the opinions that you see will help you form a realistic opinion of the carrier. You need a carrier with experienced driver, a company that you can trust with your car for a state to state move, an overseas relocation or a relocation from the USA to Canada, etc.

Auto relocation online quotes

Get a few auto transportation online quotes to see the exact price for your car moving.

Find out Your Auto Transportation Prices

If you are looking forward to finding out how much the move of your car or other vehicle may cost you, you need to have in mind that every move is unique. Still, here are a few examples that will give you a clearer idea of the auto transportation prices that the movers apply. For example, if you want to move an Audi from 2005, the cost for relocating it from New York, NY, to Tampa, Florida, would be about $800. Larger distances would cost you even more. Of course, the auto transportation price for shorter distances will be smaller. For example, if you want to ship your vehicle from NYC, New York, to Boston, Massachusetts, you can look forward to paying half the same amount – i.e. about $400. Depending on the size of the car you have for shipping you will need to add or extract $50 – $100 from the price in order to get a realistic idea. For pickups add a minimum of about $200 on top of these auto transportation rates. If you have a motor vehicle that is very much different than the ones mentioned in this example like a collectible car or a boat, you will need to get a few auto transportation quotes online. This is approximately the cost of auto transportation that you can expect for the move of your vehicle. You can get more info on the price on this link.

Get Auto Transportation Quotes Online

Why are estimates important? Because you need to be prepared with the actual cost of your auto transportation. The prices shown above are very approximate. The actual cost will vary depending on the exact make of the car and is it functional, what distance you are moving it to, do you need an open or closed trailer, etc. The full description of the conditions on which the cost of your auto relocation depends on are enumerated in this article. That is why ask for an estimate and compare the auto transportation quotes that you get. A few instant quotes will give you the info you should have.

Auto transportation Tips

Follow our car shipping tips to make your auto transportation smoother.

Auto Transportation Tips to Follow

  • Before the move collect all the documentation necessary – insurance policy, moving papers, ownership documents, etc. Keep it neat and your car docs will always be available when you need them. You need to have a document for the inspection of the carrier and a bill of lading.
  • Ask for insurance from the auto transportation company you choose – learn the conditions under which the insurance is valid and what happens in case of damages.
  • Exchange phone numbers with the driver who is responsible for picking up your car.
  • After the move explore the car and see in what condition it is. If you find anything wrong fill it in the bill of lading and ask to have the driver’s signature.
  • Since you are already informed of what is the procedure in case of damage take the necessary actions.
  • In case of any disagreement between you and the carrier you can file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSA) and with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Write an auto transportation review. Whatever your experience with the auto transportation companies was let everyone know. As you already understand, every person who plans to move a car will find such reviews quite useful – just like you have already.
  • Got more auto transportation tips? You can comment below if you have something more to add to this article. Any contribution is welcome!