Professional Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services

After the movers load all of your stuff on the moving van, usually what is left is a mess and has to be cleaned in order to take your security deposit, in case you are a tenant, or to sell your house. As usual, a clean and tidied house costs more than a dirty one, so if you want to get more money and make your house easier to sell, you have to leave your house or apartment spotless. Of course, it’s quite a tedious and annoying housework, but it has to be done. So, while organizing your moving, take into consideration the cleaning job. It may seem you as an easy task, but it is at least a time consuming  one.

This time we are providing you with helpful tips about cleaning after you move out. As we already agreed cleaning takes a lot of time, so make sure you have plenty of it.

Cleaning after movers by yourself

Here is a list of steps that will ease your cleaning job in case you decide to clear up the mess by yourself.

  1. After movers load all of your belongings, throw away all the rubbish. There will be leftovers of packing materials for example, or other stuff that has to be cleared. Get rid of all that rubbish before start cleaning.
  2. Buy the proper cleaning detergents. These days the market offer many different cleaning agents – from the all-purpose (abrasive and non-abrasive) cleaning products to the bleach and the disinfectants. Buy only high quality products, otherwise you are risking to spend your money without achieving the desired results. Of course, money matters, but don’t go for the cheapest, ask for recommendations friends, colleagues, or even the sales representative.
  3. Start with wardrobes, drawers, kitchen appliance etc. After you have equipped yourself with the right cleaning products, start with the furniture (if you have left any). Clear up every household item with the suitable cleaning product. For example, kitchen appliances requires cleaning agents that remove greasy stains and dirt, while bathtubs and sinks need cleaning products that cope with mold and chalk.  All items have to be left spotless. Do not forget to vacuum the carpets and wash the curtains and the drapes. These are usually forgotten. Clean everything room by room. Do not just clean randomly from to room. This way you will waste much time.
  4. Next, clean all the floors, walls, windows and doors. Again, use the proper detergents. Leave everything stainless, safe trouble with your householder. Polish everything to the very best. Bear in mind that if you have any wood floors, you have to use wood-friendly cleaning product. Otherwise, severe damages may occur.
  5. Take care for the outdoor area. If you have yard or small garden, leave it in good condition. Throw away the garbage. You may consider to sweep away any leaves or other junk.

 Choosing Professional Cleaning Services

If you don’t have enough time to do the cleaning by yourself, you may consider hiring a professional cleaning company. Using professional cleaning services has its pros and cons. You have to pay a cleaning company after you have already spend pretty money on booking your movers, but you will save a lot of time. Cleaning companies offer cleaning services such as domestic cleaning and office cleaning services,  and even specific services to meet some particular requirements – like the after builders cleaning services. A professional cleaning company will clear up the mess in no time. Everything will be stainless and polished perfectly.

How to find a reliable cleaning company

Choosing a reliable cleaning company that you can trust is quite a job. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to find a professional cleaning company.

  • Make a list of 5-6 different cleaning companies. Search in Google, or ask friends and colleagues to recommend you.
  • It’s a good idea to run a check at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. Since BBB has quite high standards to accredit businesses, find out if your potential cleaning company has a good reputation.
  • Also, search for cleaning related forums and blogs. Read some customer reviews for these companies and select 2-3 companies. The more reviews you read, the better chances for hiring a good cleaning company you have.
  • Call the cleaning companies and ask for a cleaning quote. Compare the quotes and make your choice. Be careful and do go for the cheapest one. You may be dealing with unprofessional and rogue cleaning company, or there might be hidden charges. So, be reasonable when choosing cleaning services.
  • Arrange the payment in advance. Make it all clear. Ask the particular company about rates. Some moving companies prefer to be paid by hour, and others offer per-room rates.

Choosing professional cleaning services might save you a lot of time and troubles. As cleaning for these companies is an everyday job, they can handle the job faster and better. Remember, by all means book a licensed and insured cleaning company.