Vehicle transportation tipsVehicle relocation is often a must when it comes to moving. You can use your car to transport things and drive yourself, and your family to your new home. In many cases, when the trip is long distance, transporting your vehicle is a convenient option – you’re saving from miles, you won’t need to be on the road for long hours (someone else will do that for you), plus your vehicle will be better protected in the trailer than if it is on the road. Vehicle transportation services are a great option with many advantages. Here are the answers to the most common questions asked regarding the relocation of a vehicle.

What is Vehicle Transportation?

Transportation of vehicles takes place in two ways – through a carrier and through a broker. What is the difference? Carriers are the companies that directly take and ship automobiles. The brokers are the companies that organize the shipping but do not offer it is a service themselves. Usually hiring a broker is more expensive because you pay the carrier and you also pay the broker’s fees. Besides, it is the broker that chooses the auto transportation company, not you. On the other hand, the broker will handle for you the vehicle transportation, including payments and paperwork. You can decide for yourself which one of the two transportation options for vehicles suits you better.

If you have a car, the transportation will be easy. For other vehicles, especially larger ones, you should first inquire if the vehicle transportation companies offer the services that you need. Many car movers will pick up a SUV, ATV, even trucks. After that check, you can proceed to getting vehicle transportation quote.

What is a Vehicle Transportation Quote and How Do I Get One? How About the Rates?

The quote is to get you information about the possible cost for your vehicle transport. Both the broker and car mover will need to know the vehicle type, its length, height, width and weight, year, make, model, if it is operable, convertible or modified, and the distance of your move. This is how they will be able to tell you the price for the transport of your vehicle. Of course, the price will also differ according to whether you choose a carrier, or a broker, and it will also depend on the prices that the different companies apply. Transporting a vehicle from state to state is also more expensive than short distance moves.

Shipping a vehicle

What are the ways to transport a vehicle? Check them out in this article!

Our moving cost estimate that you can fill in online will get you in contact with professional moving companies that will be able to handle your vehicle relocation smoothly and easily. For example, if your vehicle is not operable, this may mean a higher cost (some carriers charge extra for that because they have to find a special truck on which the vehicle can be taken).

It is important to give true information to carriers. If you misrepresent your vehicle as running, if it isn’t, in an attempt to save from the costs, then the transporting company may not be ready with the right truck and equipment to move your vehicle, then the trip of the truck will be wasted, and it will only cost you more. Regarding the size of your vehicle, the vehicle transportation companies need this info to choose the best option for a moving vehicle. You can read more about the cost to ship a vehicle, explained in details, in this article.

How Do I Select a Vehicle Moving Company?

It has to be a reliable company – fully licensed, bonded and insured. And this is something that you have to check, especially if you will be moving your vehicle overseas. It could be difficult to find the right moving company for you, the one that you can really count on, especially if you don’t know any company yourself. That is why it is advisable to use the opportunity to get a quote from us – we provide a guarantee.

Where Will My Car Be Taken from?

It could be taken from a terminal or from your home. And it could be delivered to any. Terminals are convenient because you may not be able to be present when the truck is available to pick up the vehicle and inspect it, and take the keys. Also, a move from a terminal or to one, are cheaper. All you need to do is select a terminal with the vehicle transport company and agree on when to deliver your vehicle. Be ready to be informed how long the transportation will also take depending on the two means that you choose – through a terminal or from your home.

Vehicle moving costs

It is important to provide precise vehicle details to the carrier for a precise quote.

How Do I Pay the Car Transporter?

You will usually be asked to pay a deposit for the move. Or you can pay in advance the whole sum, depending on your preferences. Beware of the companies that accept payments only in cash – usually this is one of the signs of moving scam that you should be careful with. Most companies will take a credit card, a bank wire transfer or a check. Discuss this option with them and choose a method of payment that is convenient for both of you. Some auto shipping companies also accept other methods of payments – just ask, depending on what is convenient for you.

Here are Some Easy and Useful FREE Tips!

  • Transporting a vehicle interstate is more complicated so always have ample time before contacting a shipping company.
  • Always check the company before you book it – read reviews, check the USDOT number and the memberships at the Better Business Bureau.
  • Follow the mover’s instructions strictly. If for instance you were asked to not place anything inside your vehicle, it is for safety reasons.
  • Read well all the paperwork before signing it. Don’t sign on blank sheets.
  • Don’t give money without a document proving you have.
  • Always stay informed of the carrier’s policy on damages. What will happen if the mover damages your vehicle – what is the procedure for you to be reimbursed?

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