A moving partyMoving to a new area is a big excitement for you for sure and you are probably in the preparation of all the details. Besides the work you are supposed to do for your relocation, it is good to also consider throwing a moving party. It is going to be fun and interesting experience for you and your close ones, so take some time to organize such an event. Especially if you will be moving long distance and will not be seeing your friends and relatives often, surely everyone would appreciate a moving out party. When it comes to planning the details, you will need some assistance. Check out these great ideas which will help you make the most of your moving party.

How to Throw a Moving Party

Start Early

Surely your friends have their plans, so don’t wait until the last minute to let them know you’re planning to throw a moving party. Make your plans a few weeks in advance and ask your friends to confirm who’s coming – you need this info in order to plan the games, food, drinks, space that you will need, etc. You can prepare fun relocation party invitations and send them by post or with an e-mail. Your invitation should also include the theme of the party, so your friends can prepare – not everyone will have the time to go shopping for a special costume or accessories in the last minute. If you wait until the last minute to organize your relocation party, some may be busy or may not have the time to prepare, and consequently will not come. A week before the party send an e-mail to everyone invited with info about the party, reminding them to come because it will be fun!

Moving party food ideas

If you need moving party food ideas – why not order catering for an exquisite experience!

Choose a Theme!

But what could it be? It could be related to the occasion of the move like going to college or university, you could celebrate moving to a particular state – Texas, Hawaii, etc. and arrange the decoration and drinks in the proper manner. If you are moving to a state near Mexico, you can have a Mexican party. If you are a really big fan of a particular movie, you can use the occasion to ask your guests to wear fun costumes that relate to the movie (it could be a move about space and everyone can wear space costumes, you can ask your guests to be dressed as of a particular fairytale story, if you are a social dancer and you like Argentinian tango or salsa you can have milonga, a Latin party, swing party, pajama party, etc. – even if not everyone present is a dancer it may be fun for them to watch those who dance.) How about a pool party, beach party or posh party? Think about what would be mostly fun and interesting for your guests, something that most of them will enjoy, and set up one of those moving out party themes to have some good fun.

Do You Need Moving Help?

If you have a lot of work on your move, throwing a going away party could be a good idea to get some help. Not everyone will be excited to let their friends pack their t-shirts and socks, but you can choose what to ask help for. And if your relocation really is quite a lot of work for you and you don’t have much time, then asking your friends to help could be a good idea. But ask them in advance if they are available on your moving date! If so, you can organize a moving party and get the moving help you need. Have in mind that you better not serve alcohol before the work is really done because you risk your guests to get injured and items to be damaged, if handled by people under the influence of alcohol. Prepare coffee, light snacks, beverages and the packing supplies to get started. After the truck is loaded, you can have some cocktails, beer, wine, etc. You can order food after the work is done – ask your friends what they feel like (pizza, Chinese food, etc.)

Choosing moving party decorations

Think of fun moving party decorations that will help your guests keep up the good mood!

Get the Music Ready

The music should be in compliance with the theme of the party (related to the state/ country you are moving to, Hawaiian, etc.) or pick music that you and your friends will love, irrelevant of the party theme. Make sure you prepare the right sound equipment – if it is going to be a big event or you want to have it in an open space (your garden, back yard, etc.), your computer speakers won’t be sufficient. You could hire a DJ or if you have a friend who is a DJ you can ask him/ her to play some music.

Collect Memories!

Surely you have lots of good memories with your friends already, but since you are saying goodbye, some good moving party ideas would be to get a photographer to make photos of the event for you and for the guests. Or ask a friend to go around and take photos of you with everyone else. You can put someone by the door and when the guests are arriving and you welcome them to your home, you will have a photo together. You can prepare a book and ask everyone to write something there – it could be a poem, a story they will remember you with, they could wish you something there, even stick a photo! If you will have such a book, let your guests know in advance so they can prepare.

Take photos together

Make photos of you and your guests to collect some more good memories together!

Are the Games Ready?

There are lots of different games that you can choose from to make your going away party fun. Separate the guests in two teams and play a movies game – one team thinks of a title of a movie and tells it to someone from the other team, who has to make those from his team guess it by making drawing on paper. You can prepare decks of cards, draughts, dominos, twister, monopoly, and any other game you think will make your guests have fun and enjoy the party. You can have a karaoke night, too – there are lots of karaoke videos free online you can go for.

Get Help from Movers

If you’re on to preparing the party, but still haven’t selected a mover, you can get an estimate to check the possible costs for your move (it is free). Finding reliable movers is not always so easy. That is why check our database with lots of free tips, info, help, information, advice, etc. that will help you not just find the best moving company for you, but also organize your relocation better, easier and more efficiently. In the meantime, if you have enjoyed any of the ideas in this article, please share it, so others can get advantage, too!