Check a USDOT numberFor every move there are a number of things you can do to make it simpler. One of those things is checking the census numbrer of a moving company, popularly known as USDOT. What is a USDOT? Companies that transport passengers or cargo must have such a number from the FMCSA. In most states this requirement refers to movers that work between states only but in some states even companies that ship intrastate need to have it. This number is unique for the company and it gives information about the mover’s compliance with a number of regulations that you will see explained below. So, how do you check such a number and what do you need to look for in it?

How to check a usdot number

Arranging transportation for your household items before a move has to start somehow. There are a few points which you should follow if you wish to know how a moving company is working. The USDOT number will give you very important details:

  1. Operating status – if it says “out of service” it means that the mover has no right to operate; you need a status saying that the moving company is “active” or “authorized for (…)” – here you will see what it is authorized to relocate.
  2. Contact details – when checking a USDOT number here you will see the name, address and phone of the moving company. This information should also be given on the website of the mover.
  3. MC/MX/FF Number(s)– this is again a FMCSA number giving permition for interstate operations. It is issued by the Interstate Commerce Commission and should be given in this field.

    How to check USDOT

    Check out the carrier safety rating.

  4. Power units – this is the number of vehicles that are leased by the relocation company. Sometimes thought they can be more – in summer, which is the time when most people move, if a mover is short of vehicles it can hire more temporarily.
  5. Carrier operation – if you check a US DOT number, this is data which shows what and where the carrier is allowed to operate (interstate, intrastate hazardous material, or intrastate non-hazardous material transportation).
  6. Crashes – if there were any you would be able to see their number. You don’t want your personal items to be handled by a transportation company with a history of accidents, right?
  7. Carrier safety rating – it shows the compliance of the moving company with the FMCSA’s Safety Regulations. This ratings is to a large extend given based on an interview with the management of the moving company. Best would be if this field shows “satisfactory” – this means that there was no major non-compliance with the safety regulations of the FMCSA. If it says “conditional” it means there was some non-compliance with 1 or more safety requirements; and “unsatisfactory” rating shows the mover is greatly out of compliance with the safety regulations.

USDOT number lookup tips

When you are checking USDOT number now you know what to look for. USDOT number look up shows very important information about the moving companies – info you cannot get in such detail anywhere else. This is something that will help you get the best services for your move. When moving many people ignore and don’t pay attention to this opportunity to get to know movers better. You should pick for your relocation a moving company which you can be sure can handle your household goods with responsibility and professionalism. More details on how to check a USDOT number are available at the SAFER administration website. And if you are satisfied with the information you see after the mover’s USDOT number lookup you can ask for a quote and then – a visual estimate.

USDOT number check

Checking the US DOT status is the first step in exploring the reliability of a moving company. A few extra tips on what to do next are given here to the left.

The US DOT is the first thing to do when looking for a moving company. There are also other things to look for along with the info that this number will give you in order to make sure you have hired the most reliable, reputable and trustworthy moving firm:

  • The Better Business Bureau is also a great database to compare information. BBB accredited movers are more likely to be professional and organize a smooth move for you.
  • Getting recommendations from other people who have recently moved is also a good thing to do. Talk to neighbours, colleagues, friends, etc. to tell you which mover they used and were they happy with their choice.
  • Ask for recommendations from the moving company as well – you can talk to your mover and request feedback from some of its last customers to see what they have to say.

These little tips may sound unimportant but every step you make towards selecting a moving company will help you make a better choice. Check US DOT number is just the first thing to do out of those several. It is very useful and a great start for your relocation company research. If you found the information in this article practical and you liked it, you can share it from the bar to the left.